Chris Brown: Loving Rihanna-Karrueche Tran Tension!

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The ladies in Chris Brown's life, girlfriend, Karreuche Tran, and ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, may or may not be trading social media barbs in an escalating public feud.

Either way, he's loving life these days.

Maybe it’s a welcome distraction in Brown’s life now, with the iPhone theft investigation and all. Maybe it's just nice to have his ego stroked. Maybe both.

In any case, Brown and Rihanna have reportedly been hooking up for months, despite him dating Karreuche Tran ... called “an open relationship” by some.

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However, (perceived) trouble began when Rihanna tweeted a photo of a bag of rice cakes with gold earrings, and the caption, "Ima a make u my bitch."

Some interpreted that as a racial jab at Karrueche Tran, who is Vietnamese.

Maybe she was just hungry after a show? Who knows. But in return, the aspiring model fired off several missives on Facebook aimed directly at Rihanna.

In one, she wrote:

"Let me clear the air, if you have fenty at the end of ya name or your default Is Rihanna you have a better chance of winning the lottery than ending up on my friends list."

BAM. Oh, but it continues.

Just to be sure Rihanna (and/or the general public) got the message, Tran wrote: "I'm Angeline [sic], you're Jen. C'mon you see where Brad is at."

Meanwhile, Brown is loving every minute of this.

“This is all very flattering to Chris. Name me a 21-year-old red blooded male that wouldn't love having two women fighting over him," a source said.

NOTE: We can't actually find a Karrueche Tran Facebook page that looks authentic, or any proof of Rihanna egging her on. So interpret this as you will.

Given the suggestive nature of Brown's collaborations with Rihanna, and the fact that he was at her birthday party, you do have to wonder, however ...


please GOD join Chris brown and Rihanna Together because they are meant forever no matter the obstacles in your life you guys will surely make it.i believe u two love each other is just a matter of time,love u both.


chris is my favourite, i lyk seeing chriss wth rihanna, dey both make a gud couple


Karruehce is the one starting the fight. I also think Chris Brown and Rihanna should be together no matter what anyone or Karruehce Tran thinks.


Chris brown and rihana have to go back together because they deserve to be together


Chris brown and rihana have to go back together because they deserve be together


i think people should seen rihanna flick than they will know why she so hot in da butt they can say what they want bout chris but i think he is still a good person and he did not let the drama/rumors get him down but iam telling the truth bout rihanna go to porn hub or hub porn and type in rihanna and you will her getting tow up it's no secret da girl nasty she's a jazabell


i think that rihanna need to leave chris brown alone she caused him enough trouble as it is and who haven't seen her por where they f@#$ the shi@#4 out of her i like her music but she nasty and she left nothing to her man eye sight for him to freaken fantasize bout cause every bodie gon she seen all her goodies which is hoe'ish zero


hy chris..c"mon..b a man .. if u stil hv a feelngs for rhi. .dn go get wit her klerly u two mtch alot. .best rnb singrs i cn sy ..da future of rnb.. n c"on u cannot compar karruche wit rihanaa baah.. forget it gv me a brk... n da songs u guys sang togedr ws a fantabulouss song lovd it. .muah


Chris brown and rihanna r one of my r@b musican and it makes happy seeing u both together so don't look back on tran just move on with ur life cos u guys love urselfs just like jay-z and beyonce ya.


Chris brown and rihanna are my favorate singers and it makes me so happy to see them together as lover,they really much,love u guyz!

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