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True!, the media has been infested with ignorant opinions & lies from ordinary public to some peculiar celebs since Breezy WON that Grammy award. Its like all the two-faced undercover haters just couldn't continue pretending or back-biting but had to reveal themselves.

The media especially, can obviously NOT hurt Breezy or his career because they've failed to end his career as they've hoped. Let alone being the 1# RnB/ Pop artist in the world. All they can do now is to shamelessly spread lies to whoever wants to believe. There relentless efforts failed since 2009 with his GRAMMY win so, what they can do is try and stop him from repeating his success and i doubt that very much.

Its really strange that its only 2.5% of haters that are actively victimizing Chris while 11.5% are undercover haters both in the public an in the industry. The Good news is 86% of the public loves and support Breezy that's why he is as successful despite the media's worst efforts.

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