Child Endangerment Charges Dropped Against Gabriel Aubry

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Gabriel Aubry is off the legal hook.

The Canadian model was in court yesterday to hear a judge give him the good news, that he would not face any legal repercussions for allegations that he's a danger when around three-year old daughter Nahla.

G. Aubry

A dependency court case had been brought against Halley Berry's ex after he allegedly shoved a nanny while she held his child and after an investigation revealed that Nahla is sometimes afraid of her father's temper.

Still, the battle between Aubry and Berry is far from over.

The former is still not allowed to spend time with Nahla outside of an adult supervisor and the ex-couple will soon attend family court again to continue working on custody rights.


Why would they drop the freaking charges? If what he did is true then he shouldn't be around his daughter with a temper like that. I mean seriously, that IS dangerous. No man should be around a small child that could easily rise his temper.


Even though the charges were dropped, the headline label of him being questioned for child endangerment (more than likely) will remain a permanent part of his record. I can easily believe that Gabriel loves his daughter, but in the case of Halle, it is a case of being used to give her a child, and she then moving on to her Next conquest!!


I bet this guy wish he never meet this ho, and he did not know she was a b............itch. She used him like a fool, for his color and so on .......................

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