Charlize Theron: Adopting a Baby Boy!

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Charlize Theron is now a mom!

A rep for the Oscar-winning actress said in a statement: "Charlize Theron has adopted a child. She is the proud mom of a healthy baby boy named Jackson."

According to sources close to the single Theron, little Jackson was born here in the United States, and is African-American. Jackson is the first child for Theron.

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"She has always wanted to be a mom," the source said of the 36-year-old. "She is glad to be able to do it on her own now and is so happy to be a mom."

The never-married South African split with actor Stuart Townsend in 2010 after nine years together. The breakup prompted a whole new chapter in her life.

She told the December 2011 issue of Vogue:

"This is the first time [being single] in my life. From the time I was 19, I've been in relationships, literally gone from one to the other within a month."

Congratulations on her newest relationship - with Jackson!



Another white woman adopting an African American child. Is this a trend?


I heard you've shave your mane, you've gone nuts.
The King don't hunt the Queens does.
Do you know what usually goes through the king' mind when he sees the Antelopes Buffaloes Niles cows run scared." You guys , your long horns are practically useless they can't stop from feed on meat"
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Why do blonde women love coffee-colored people so much? Disgusting.


Charlize is gettin older and is lookin to the future. Either a butler/chaeufer to drive her around or a maid to clean her house!


I am trully suspicious of any white person adopting a black child. Given the nations history--let's stop wearing the rose colored glasses--racism is here and strong and will never go away. It's just hiding in its perspective shadows...all of the sudden now we have black baby adoption overload--not just celebs either...what happened to the love in the last twenty years? Now all of the sudden...makes you go hmmmmmmm.


Be it geniune or not that she adopted a black baby what business of it is any of us.If she is not time will tell ..but this world is still full of racist ,hateful people who pretend not to be racist but really is.I am tired of hateful ,nasty people perhaps u need to get a life.Reality check the President is Obama get over it.


Pets is scum on the bottom of my shoe!!


@ Bell Denise richardsons baby is hispanic & white kids are hard to come by. Susanne you sound really stupid. White families have been adopting black children for years. Just because a few famous celebs adopt now you want to have a problem with it. If blacks aren't adopting black children then why can't whites? These children deserve loving homes too. You all sound superficial & really racist. Why can't whites adopt black children, they are human beings too.


What was she thinking. Yeah its cute now, but its going to grow up into a teenaper, what is she going to do then, lock it in the kabana and call in the hollywood psychiatrist to tranquilize it.


@WOW - I think it's time to kill yourself - How can you be Jealous of a Baby..lmao

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