Casey Anthony: Embracing Faith, Getting Baptized!

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The accused, acquitted and infamous "Tot Mom," Casey Anthony is embracing religion and plans on getting baptized soon, according to a new report.

Anthony, 26, wanted to do something to "signify a new beginning in life."

"Casey has planned to get baptized sometime this month," an insider said. "She figured getting baptized would be the best way start this new chapter."

Casey Anthony Diary Pic

Last July, Casey Anthony was - to the surprise and dismay of millions - found not guilty in the murder trial of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

Her deceased little girl is another big reason she's reached out to God.

"Casey believes that Caylee is with God now and wants to ensure her own salvation so that she'll see her daughter again someday," the source said.

Fearing for her life, but required to remain in Florida as she completes probation (for check fraud), Anthony has been in hiding for nine months now.

The only glimpse into her life since has been from her leaked video diaries, which she showcased a new hairstyle, a nose ring and her new puppy.

"I'm just really starting to feel good about a lot of things. It's about time," Casey said in one clip. "I'm really starting to like the way things are going."

"I'm just so happy. I'm really happy."


Of corse shes happy she got away with murderin her lil baby and she dont have to worry bout carin for that lil angel any more her main concern is her self thats how its always been. Wel she aint makin any money frm me thats for dang sure!!


last words mentioned "im so happy" she acts like her daughters death was of no importance to her, as if the child never exsisted. she is far to happy and shows no remorce,sadness,aching from her childs death. its like it took that death for her to "start" her new happy life...she lied on 3 accounts to officers about her child, did that not ring a bell that she had something to do with it..sorry baptize yourself all you want, but still a murder and im sure you say so you can see her in heaven but you forget i dont think god would let you around that angel you murdered and threw away like yesterdays trash.


My question is are they gonna hold her under till she really repents?


Crazy Anthony getting baptized?
Sounds legit.


dont u think its a little to late!!!


Surely this bitch can't last much longer.


Karma's gonna get her eventually!!


Which church is baptizing her? Anyone know?


Bakersfield, CA - "Good for her. At least she's trying to 'go forth and sin no more'." Don't forget, she has to confess her sins, ALL her sins, or the baptism is just a faithless act - and God will know it.


Baptism will only help her if she's genuine in going forth with it. As for her blog statement above, she's still very "I" oriented as far as I'm concerned...I, I, I.