Carrie Underwood Releases Music Video for "Good Girl"

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Ready to meet book smart Carrie Underwood? Floral Carrie Underwood? Hot pants Carrie Underwood? Shimmering Carrie Underwood? Edgy Carrie Underwood?

This former American Idol champion and perennial THG favorite has released the official music video for "Good Girl," the lead track off her upcoming album ("Blown Away," due to dominate the charts on May 1). In it, the blonde beauty channels a number of looks and personalities as she offers up advice for all the good girls out there.

It's a fun video for a catchy single and it's available to watch right here and now:

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I like this video. Not all music videos must be literal. This is simple yet very deep. If you watch closely, you can tell there's a purpose to all the costumes, sets and shoes. For example, we were introduced to the "good girl" Carrie with the glasses. Near the end, we see the same Carrie without it. That represents that the "good girl" is not blinded anymore and accepts that the guy is "no good" for her. Another is the blowing of the daisy. The daisy as we, fans, know was represented a lot during the "Play On" era. Blowing away the daisy means that quite literally, that it's time that era is being "Blown Away" by this new era. So, I really like this MV. It's a nice poetic take without being literal.