Brielle Von Hugel Sits on the Dock of the Bay, Looks Like Snooki

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Brielle Von Hugel looks kind of like Snooki. It has to be said.

With that information in our heads, it was a bit difficult to take this 17-year old seriously last night, as she belted out a version of Otis Reddings' "Sittin On the Dock of the Bay" for her first-ever live American Idol audition.

It didn't start very well, but picked up near the end and led to Steve Tyler praising the contestant's "sense of the blues," while Jennifer Lopez added that Brielle knows "what it is to entertain." Such compliments seemed to be masking the semifinalist's lack of a solid voice.

Where do you stand on Von Hugel? Watch and decide now:


Blech! I'm glad her AND her mother are gone!


I cannot stand people from Long Island, and this Brielle chic and her Mother are typical.....I am so glad she got voted off, she thought she was all that, and guess what....NOT>>>>>>> sooooo happy she's gone....the mother looked like a crackpot to me.....ewwwww


Heard her sing in a restaurant in Staten Island about 5 years ago and didn't think then that she was all that good. I still think she isn't all that good and was certain that she would be voted off when she had to get votes from America. People are correct about the Mother she is not exactly a nice person, I'll leave it at that.
Both of them could use some lessons in humility and graciousness.
I don't know what the judges hear live from the stage but at home I didn't hear Brielle get through any song without going off key and struggling to keep on tune. If she was a top notch singer she would have been able to handle anything and she couldn't. I think she's living a pipe dream if she thinks she on par with the rest of the contestants or will make it as a singer.


YES SHE'S GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not STAND that stupid brat. Or her crazy Mom. Ugh. buh-bye, Brielle.


brielle and her mom are scary as hell. so glad she was booted. couldnt stand her. obviously america felt the same way.


Tell me folks, Is Ryan always standing in a "hole?" He looks so much shorter than all the contestants

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