Bridget Hardy: Jaleel White is an Abusive Cheater!

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He may be an early favorite with the Dancing With the Stars judges, but Jaleel White’s ex says he is an abusive cheater, according to a new report from Star.

Bridget Hardy, with whom White has a 2-year-old daughter, says he became violent with her after she confronted him over evidence that he'd been cheating.

Hardy, and a bathroom fixture, allegedly paid the price.


The alleged altercation between them took place in 2010, when Hardy said that the former Family Matters star, now 35, “hit me across the chest area.”

“He pushed me into the toilet and it broke,” she said. “Water went everywhere, through the walls and even into the kitchen downstairs,” she said.

White vehemently denies the claims and was never charged with a crime.

Had he not been cast on DWTS this spring, would this have even come up again? THG was not there for the alleged toilet attack, but it sounds fishy.


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Jaleel was VIOLENT during rehearsals week of 4/2/12 show. Kym, his partner, was terrorized by Jaleel verbally when he got in her face repeatedly & calling her "stupid", "idiot",& "a baby" after he stepped on her toe. The pros and producers could hear it and witnessed his inability to control his anger & needed to be restrained. BRIDGET WAS TELLING THE TRUTH!


The toilet broke? Maybe it is because she is too fat.


Sadly this does happen all too often. I was a battered wife and I was terrified to go to the police cuz I knew what the consequences would be if they didn't arrest him.


not so fast -denise,just because she didnt report it doesnt mean it didnt happen,i can't believe you are a woman,and made this comment: some woman are scared for there life and put up with this kind of thing-if you were never in a abusive relationship -dont comment-some kids today watch everyday as there father does this shit to there mother,then they do it to their wife /girlfriend etc. she actually made a comment that he's a good father-so not so fast lady--you need to read more of what goes on in the real world-not that fantasy book of your--sorry -your on another planet if you dont think this stuff happens


Sorry Bridget, story doesn't ring true. Was a police report filed? Did you go to the hospital? No? tsk, tsk. Sounds more like you're trying to jump start your career.