Breaking Dawn Part 2 Trailer: Beware of Bella!

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After 18 years of being utterly ordinary, I finally found that I can shine.

So states Kristen Stewart, as Bella Swan, to open the first official trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 2, which hit the Internet this morning and which, we must say, is pretty darn awesome!

It centers on Bella's transformation and features the reaction of both Jacob and Edward to their now-immortal acquaintance. We see Bella with red eyes and pale skin, caressing Edward one moment and then stalking a deer in the woods the next moment.

Check it out now and then sound off: Can the final installment of The Twilight Saga outearn the record-breaking numbers established this weekend by The Hunger Games?

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hi my name is melissa kaye spradlin twinkle toes


I really don't find Hunger Games appealing; I definitely don't plan on reading the books or going to watch the movie. The Twilight Saga will forever be my all-time favorite. I loved the books, the first movie is my favorite, and Edward had the best hair in that one. I fell in love with the romance of the movie. Everyone wants that type of love; you'll risk your all for. I think Kirsten always sucked at acting, but she has improved, Rob has always been on point. I got to check out Breaking Dawn part 1 on Blockbuster @Home. It was everything I could have dreamed of. I loved the wedding dress and where she walked down the aisle. I swear I watched that movies hundreds of times, I am glad I didn't want to deal with any late fees. Its funny me and my co-worker at DISH are huge Edward fans. We have so many pictures of Edward hung at our desks, lol.


OMG, can't wait until this comes out!!! Sooooooo lucky that it's coming out on my b-day!!! I am on team Jacob because Taylor Lautner is really HOT!!! I think the hunger games and twilight are both awesome, but if I'd have to chose the hunger games is a little better.


i love twilight and bd was a good movie but it could have been better. i hope bd is amazing since its the last one. they dont want to disappoint fans in the end.


I can't wait!! I was team Jacob... Until he imprinted on Renesmee! Then I changed to team Edward. Cause Jacob is happy with Renesmee, and Bella is happy with Edward. But I'm sorry, this won't beat The Hunger Games. I love Twilight, but The Hunger Games is just... awesome. Ohhh my gosh I looked over at the "who's hot" thing and it had like Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, etc. And then I saw Charlie Sheen. Ha. Haha. Made my day. (:


hunger games better


I cant wait to see this part of the movie... I LOVE BREAKING DAWN .. I AM SOO HYPED... TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY .. :)


i cant wait for this part of the show to come out i have been waiting so long .This time ill be seen it live and clear. peace out


OMG!!! I can't wait!!! I hope it is well done and I don't go home upset...BD Part1 was a HUGE step forward in the quality of the movies but it still wasn't a 10 :(


Oh cant wait to see the breaking dawn part 2... Im so excited.