Bobby Brown Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

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Bobby Brown is in trouble with the law once again.

The singer was arrested this afternoon in Reseda, California on suspicion of driving under the influence, TMZ confirms, as police pulled the artist over around 12:20 p.m. local time while he was chatting on a cell phone.

Brown was then booked and placed in a Van Nuys jail. Friends are reportedly on the way to bail him out as we type.

Bobby Brown Mug Shots

Whitney Houston's ex, who has not been making positive headlines since his former wife passed away, was also arrested in 1996 on drunk driving charges, eventually serving eight days in jail.

In November 2002, meanwhile, he was arrested in Atlanta (mug shots above) and charged with possession of marijuana, speeding and driving without a license or proof of insurance.

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If the power isn't rubbed in his face (which some women do and that's not cool at all), then it sdhluon't be a problem. But men are corny and immature so even when it's not rubbed in their faces (which is most of the time), they need to feel more powerful and have their di oops, egos stroked. :-/ Therefore, although they claim that they want an independent woman, they always go back to Captain Save-A-Broad behaviors and wind up with them instead. Good that she got rid of his insecure, trifling, whoring ass.


To texas gal, are you saying what I think you're saying? If you are I bet you won't say that to a black man's face you dab. I'm just saying


And you know the excuse is gonna be hes so messed up and grieving over her death blah blah blah! Hes a loser and no good and people like that always have try to blame crap and bad behavior on something someone else did etc. Stop writing about trash. Hes just trying to make headlines the only way he know how ugh


BM look like monkeys just sayin


Dont get me wrong I liked witneys voice and she was a beautiful woman in the preachers wife , I just dont get when someone who dies of drugs n such in their system why is it that they want to have vigils and tributes and such , yes she had,a very powerful voice but look what she was doing when she died , cocaine. its just like sayin hey this so and so man was a muderer but he died so we r going to pay tribute to him because he was such n such great at this n that. Please enlighten me but remember im not putting her down I just want to know


Does anybody know jesus christ a their lord and savior ? If not admit believe and confess and you will have eternal life , read the bible too.


Bobby brown was nothing before he met whitney and he's still a nothing after Whitney.


Another day in the life of Being Bobby Brown!!


He just can't be normal for once in his life.Your child lost her mother can't he get it together.