Bobbi Kristina Brown to Change Last Name?

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Goodbye, Bobbi Kristina Brown. Hello, Kristina Houston?

According to TMZ sources, the 19-year old daughter of Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston wants to take a step closer to her mother... by taking a step away from her father.

The troubled teen - whose family has been concerned about her since the passing of her parent, and who will be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey tonight on OWN, as previewed above - has reportedly been angling for a first and last name change for years. Her mother always denied the request, however.

But now insiders say that Bobbi is thinking clearly, is in a "better place" these days and is anxious to distance herself from her controversial father.

Based on Brown's behavior at Whitney's funeral, it's hard to blame his daughter for feeling this way.


I hate how everyone acts like bobby brown isn't hurt by the death of his ex wife... I mean he was married to her for many years, so despite the differences they had I know there had to be some love there.


I bet she wants to change it cause shes gonna make a record and thinks it will look better on a CD cover.


I think that she just add Huston and keep Brown. Because at the end of the day he is her father and it takes two to tango! She wouldn't be here without his input! No matter how badly she tries to go far away from him fact remains she still has his blood. Not even water could remove his DNA! And @ Nicki minaj. What is a hamartias. I tried looking it up but nothing shows.


bobby brown is an ass and ruined whitney's life. of course bobbi wants to change her name. who wouldn't??!! good for her. whitney would be proud.


In ghe book Macbeth, what is Macbeth's hamartias?


Bobbi Kristina is the Name that BK has been most identified as in recent weeks. Signing off on this Name Game!!


Bobbi Kristina is in the position of first Named stars that include Cher, Bono, Oprah, and Madonna. *Honor thy Father and thy Mother. Even though there may be a mix-match relationship between BB and BK,as his child, Brown is her given birth Name. Even if she added Houston to her last Name, she will (more than likely) be better known as Bobbi Kristin,which is indeed a very distinguished Name!!


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