Beyonce Baby Weight: Totally Gone!

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All the single ladies, put your hands up ... and prepare to be envious.

A little over two months after giving birth to her baby daughter Blue Ivy Carter, a smiling Beyonce stepped out last night and she looks ... wow. Just wow.

The singer got dolled up for a fundraising event for President Obama - the same one that drew headlines for Robert De Niro's "White First Lady" joke.

There was no controversy about this, though: She looked awesome!

  • Beyonce and Jay-Z Step Out
  • Beyonce Post-Baby Body

Bey wore a snug navy dress by Victoria Beckham, sky-high heels and some dazzling bling (including a diamond-encrusted eagle) with her hair in a simple ponytail.

So what was Beyonce doing right in terms of new mom style?

"When you think of the things women dislike about themselves, the majority don't like their upper arms and also have skirt-length issues," one stylist told MTV.

"She's addressed both of these. It's an interesting choice because it's snug, not tight. There's a distinction between the two. It's body-flattering, for sure."

For sure.


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question 1 - if she lost 60 pounds for her recent concert why dont we see those ponds here? question 2 - it is reccommended that you wait at least 6 weeks before you do any major exercising and lifting shouldn't we see somewhat of a pudge especially since she had the baby in january and this pic was taken in march. just tell the truth so everyone can stop talking about it


B u pretty fuck haters everywhere i go people say we look just alike so i feel u haters an im not rich lol but hood rich an rich in spirit 716 b get at me anythin possible.


B u pretty fuck haters everywhere i go people say we look alike so i feel u haters an im not rich lol but hood rich


yall dumb as hell... Beyonce stay beautiful... U n j make a beautiful couple... Baby blue is beautiful too... Enjoy ur bundle of joy love


ima need for her to get pregnant foreal and stop lienn slabb


sheeee liennnnnnn !!! fake bitchhhhhh


beyonce go be a good mom she go have ever thing she wont i cant want to she git big n i no she go be pritty like her mama so happy for you beyonce.. im listing to dance for you right now.. :):):):) love the song n video lol by..:)


i like what this boy name Jamie sed a bout beyonce thats the same thing that i was thinkin but then i was lunkin at 106n park. n thay was talkin a bout here baby n stuff n its a pic on the internet off here n here baby laying down so now i beleve it....


kellie what ever yo name is you need to stop talkin if you dot no what u talkin bout she did have a baby so girl shut the****up


beyonce baby name is soo ugly to me sorry but i like beyonce i dot like jay z h n rianna thay worship the defal n beyone need to put sum pics off her baby.