Bethenny Frankel and Husband: Not Hoppy Ever After?

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Bethenny Frankel has admitted in the past that her marriage isn't perfect. (Poor Jason Hoppy and his cobweb-filled penis!)

But now In Touch Weekly is reporting the relationship is in serious trouble, with Hoppy recently storming out of the pair's New York City residence and checking in to the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy at Sea

“The fighting has gotten worse,” an insider says of the reality TV-based couple, citing Frankel's obsession with her looks and her fame as a cause of the contention. “Her energy has been nervous and neurotic. He can’t take it anymore, so he’s been doing everything on his own.”

Hoppy is just telling friends he's living elsewhere temporarily, however, and referencing renovation on the tandem's $5 million apartment as the reason why.

Bethenny and Jason have a 23-month old daughter named Brynn.




Yes Bethanny has gotten too tiny for her britches! She is so into her self she cannot see pass her nose. Jason please take your daughter so she can have a normal parent as a role model. Please!


Linda, the fact is that it is all about Bethenny, she is the bread winner of that household, it is her show and her products that are for sale, not Jason's. I hope their marriage lasts forever and for the looks of it, this is just another gossip that has nothing to do with reality. Bethenny and Jason are happy and celebrated yesterday their two year anniversary with pink wine and their daughter Bryn.


Get over yourself Bethenny! It's plain to see that everything is ALWAYS about you. I honestly don't understand how Jason has managed to stay this long. It's your way, or no way. He bends over backwards and kisses your ass to try and please you, but I guess that's not enough for you. I suppose your mother was right after all, when she said you wouldn't stay with Jason. You need to just stay by yourself and forget about having a man in your life. I wish Jason the best, and I hope he eventually find happiness. You could not possibly ask anymore from a man than what you got from him. You will someday come to regret this, but I hope for Jason's sake... it will be too late. He deserves better.

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