Bethenny Frankel and Husband: Not Hoppy Ever After?

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Bethenny Frankel has admitted in the past that her marriage isn't perfect. (Poor Jason Hoppy and his cobweb-filled penis!)

But now In Touch Weekly is reporting the relationship is in serious trouble, with Hoppy recently storming out of the pair's New York City residence and checking in to the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy at Sea

“The fighting has gotten worse,” an insider says of the reality TV-based couple, citing Frankel's obsession with her looks and her fame as a cause of the contention. “Her energy has been nervous and neurotic. He can’t take it anymore, so he’s been doing everything on his own.”

Hoppy is just telling friends he's living elsewhere temporarily, however, and referencing renovation on the tandem's $5 million apartment as the reason why.

Bethenny and Jason have a 23-month old daughter named Brynn.

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Every Marriage has its marriage is perfect, because it consists of 2 imperfect beings. You can't tell me that Bethanny is the only person who has ups and downs in her Marriage! We're only aware of these issues, because they're on National TV for the world to see. What would other Marriages look like if they were displayed this way?? This is the situation. You have a Woman and a Man...they love each other...they are committed to each other...but they're both Human and they both have strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes they get along, sometimes they don't...but the important thing is - they are committed to seeing it through. That's Marriage people. Kudos to her for making something of her life and having the balls to show the world the real her...I highly doubt others would be so brave.


I would love to win a Camo diaper for my daugethr with her name on it even though she isn't a baby anymore!! My husband is a United States Marine and has been for 9 years now!! I would just like to see anything different and unique that everyone doesn't have it's all the support we can get from anyone that helps us Military Families keep going!! There are good and bad times while being a military wife and everything a military child goes through, it's just that simple gratitude and acknowledgement to let our Men and Woman and their families know that people are grateful and proud of what they are doing for our country and everything we go through daily!! =)


Bethanny's new book is riddled with bonrldeire eating disorders. For example, go out to dinner, order a steak, and then only eat 3 bites. Eat a bagle, only a quarter then take out the inside bread. Really? That's stupid and obsessive. Bethanny is naturally skinny because she has an eating disorder. She is not an expert on nutrition, she is just a reality tv star who happens to cook, cook then not eat it.I've read your blog for a long time now, and I think this is one of the most poorest entries you've written.Bethanny Frankel is not a role model rather someone that needs help.


jason get rid of that women. you deserve someone better. I can't believe she tries to screw somebody down to save a few dollars when she's got millions. she's big mouthed,rude, and the way she's treated your family. are they good enuf for HER dtr. my god what kind of awomen is she.if she has not the heart to include her own mother in her life what does that mean. and what is this crying all the time? ick I can't stand her. I think her parents took care of her and she's making up how bad it was. no birthday present from daddy b00 h00. Jason get your respect back leave her. you'll never fit into that hateful life style.


I think Bethenny is a wonderful mother and a great wife. Jason is often condescending and arrogant and makes comments putting Bethenny down. I hope she realizes that she is a great lady and deserves all the blessings she has.


Are you people watching the same show that I am. It seems to me the way Jason speaks to Bethenny borders on abusive behavior. Once the money came into it sweet little Jason had a personality change. Remember his birthday weekend and the comments that were made. Bethenny you have worked too hard, too long.


A word of advice from 1 who doesn't "do this". I so admire Bethanny for all the lemonade she has made from lemons, Smart cookie who knows how to take what comes and do all she can with it. I think the Bravo show, (although I adore watching it), is feeding the chaos in the marriage. Time to close that chapter and work out the kinks in relationship without the cameras rolling. The cameras won't keep you warm at night -a healthy relationship will!


I genuinely love me some Bethenny and I like her husband too. I think Bethenny worked hard for her brand and that's what you have to do sometimes if you want to succeed. I believe that it Is just sad that she can't handle her success with a family included. I believe she is a wonderful mother, but I do think that mental illness may run in her family. She had mention on RHONY how turbulent her childhood was, because of her mothers drinking. I don't think she can handle to much stress or be ostracized. It affects her on a different level than a normal individual. You can tell by her twitching and stuttering of words that she has some sort of condition, but I understand and love you Bethenny! Congratulations on ur family and success regardless of the outcome. God gave you ur husband and Brynn for a reason, regardless of the marriage lasting. Not the end of the world.


She has a ugly shaped face, it's good she thinks all that because I don' t see pretty no where near her.


i knew that man was too good for her from the min he appeared on the real housewives of new york he seems such a lovely family man and so down to earth unlike bethenny whos all about the fame and the money poor guy i can only wish him well and does the best thing for his little girl he seems like a great father .

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