Ben Flajnik Denies Cheating on Fiancee, Breakup Rumors, Via Rep

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It's been a rough couple of weeks for The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik, with millions of viewers hoping he doesn't choose Courtney Robertson as his fiancee on the March 12 season finale, and The Bachelor spoilers indicating ... well, read them.

Not only that, he's been accused of cheating on his fiancee.

Despite rumors that he's on the verge of being single again, and a tabloid cover claiming Flajnik was caught cheating, a rep for Ben says he was never unfaithful.

Ben Flajnik, Long Hair

Regarding Us Weekly's photo of Ben giving a kiss on the cheek to another woman, a rep for Ben says, "The photo is of two friends who have known each other for years and are all together in a social setting, surrounded by a group of friends."

"Ben Flajnik did not take any girls back to his apartment alone. It was a group setting every time. Ben has never cheated and does not condone cheating."

Another source close to Ben - who is barred from hanging out with the final rose winner, be it Lindzi Cox or Courtney Robertson - says he lives with two male roommates and the aforementioned girls may have been visiting them as well.

Ben is currently still engaged ... as far as we know.

Who should he pick on the season finale?


What the heck is Ben even looking for??? He couldn't have picked two more different people. Lindzi is so kind and genuine and deserves to have happiness. Courtney, well someone needs to smack her upside the head and knock some reality into her, she really is not all that she thinks she is and Ben is definatly blind if he can't see that.


I sincerely hope that Ben has NOT chosen Courtney as his fiancee, I along with all the girls that tried to warn him would feel he picked the wrong one out of so many great gals that he had to choose from. What a loser! I had such high hopes for Ben too. Too bad, he let his appendages do the talking for him. He's not ready to be married and seriously committed to anyone. Stay single, Mr. Ben, and lose those glasses, yikes!


I don't think he's cheating. First of all, who would wan to hook up with him? Secondly, I really don't think he's still with the girl he proposed to. If he picked Courtney, I'm sure his mom and sister encouraged him to dump her. If he picked Lindzi, I'm sure she dumped him after she found out he went skinny dipping with Courtney.

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