Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson "Work Well Together," Bachelor Star Insists

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Ben Flajnik's decision to propose to Courtney Robertson on The Bachelor finale was not exactly well received, but he stands by it, saying they're a great fit.

The reality star hopes that as the recent controversy dies down, "people will get a better understanding of who we are and why we're still together."

Ben admits he saw signs of Courtney Robertson's now-infamously catty behavior this season, "like when she would skip back after getting a rose."

Just the same, "I asked [the other women] for specific examples and [they said], 'She's weird,' or 'She's different.' That wasn't reason enough."

Ben Flajnik Proposing to Courtney Robertson

Ben Flajnik says there were "many really sweet moments that we had together" that kept him interested in Courtney Robertson, come what may.

Plus, he adds, "She was one of the only girls on the show that questioned the experience and that's what I found attractive about her – and I still do."

"Courtney was always like, 'I've only been on two dates with you, why should I bring you home right now? My family is really important to me.'"

"It was like, finally, someone who asks the right questions instead of [saying], 'It's going be wonderful and we could be married for the rest of our lives.' "

Despite acknowledging that the two split for several weeks this winter, during which he kissed a bunch of random girls, Ben says they "will be fine."

"Maybe someday people will get behind us, but for now we work really well together," he says. "The Bachelor will not define me as a person."

Question is: Will Ben and Courtney last?


People take her cadiness personally, they need to understand its not about them, she may be all good with him but if that who she really is ( and not just for the cameras, YES, the cameras, then he will find out. I say leave em alone and let them give it a shot!! Get over it and let them move on


Once a catty bee-atch, always a catty bee-atch. As long as he knows, it's on him.


I wasn't so sure about Courtney for awhile but honestly I really like Ben and her together and if the paparazzi etc would just leave them alone they will make a mom with a son...I am cautious with any girl who tries to date my me same with my daughter. Ben's mom and sister really approved of Courtney, even said they see in her what he would want in a wife..I wish these two the very best!


Ben can always go back to Kacee B. ( well maybe ) if he doesn't wait too long... Oh the lives of the Batchelors & Bachlorettes. Wonder if anyone will be good 'enuf for Emily & her daughter.


I didn't like Courtney at first but I didn't like Lindzi for him, either so between the 2, Courtney was a better choice. But seeing them together on AFR, they looked like they really cared for each other and like they were in love so I now stand behind them and hope that they have a lasting relationship. I liked the show. It was my first time seeing a bachelor show and I really liked it. Not boring at all. I don't know if I will watch 'The Bachelorette' but for sure ill see the next 'Bachelor' show.


There is no way in hell this couple will make it....They were doomed from the start....he has no self-esteem, and she is just a plain out right weirdo.....the absolute worst bachelor season ever...I, for one won't watch the Bachelorette with that other weirdo Emily Maynard....she's another freak.....all she talks about constantly is her kid....she always did grind on the nerves.....these shows are a complete joke, and should be taken off the ALREADY WITH ALL THE REJECTS AND PHONIES....YUKKKKKKKKKKKK




Give them a chance. I do believe they honestly love each other and that Courtney is remorseful for her abhorrent behavior.


Are kidding this couple have already broke and that says alot tome she going to be like Emily Maynard a big upset. She lyed to the public saying that she don't let just any guy meet her daugther I feel that Brad was the one for her and they just want TV time and as for Ben and Courtney Ben is a winemaker and she a model and the only real reason picked her is modeling is getting slow and she not going to have time for him like he think. Ben you are dumb your season was boring I watched it just to see if you was going to do a Jason Mesnick for he was a real Bachelor and he did follow his heart and not the producers idea at the end even thou he was a joke also.good lucky you are crazy for picking a rude person.

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