Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson "Work Well Together," Bachelor Star Insists

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Ben Flajnik's decision to propose to Courtney Robertson on The Bachelor finale was not exactly well received, but he stands by it, saying they're a great fit.

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    She is gorgeous,she was nice with him and to him, they had an awesome time together,how can you blame him or be surprised he fell for her? Of of course he did, any man would in his circumstances.Everything else matters but can't really undo what he felt at that time, but it does make it more complicated. Whatever makes them both happy I'd say :).


    `We work well together`- Lol! That says it very functionally and practically.. almost business-like, which is all the relationship ever was. She wants fame and a rich guy to milk, and he wants a sex maniac to show off.


    I have faith in Courtney and Ben now that I've seen ATFR. In fact, during the finale, I saw a genuine sweetness about Courtney. She has some quirky, cute mannerisms that I now think people misinterpret. I think she's adorable and they are an excellent match. I hope people will support them because they deserve it ... they've both been through a lot which will strenghthen their bond. I love the two of them together!


    The poor fella hopelessly fell in love with a pretty "ain't no holler back girrl". The rest is ABC's spin.


    I always felt he had a stronger connection with Courtney from the beginning. And it wasn't the skinny dipping episode that made me think that. They both seemed to have honest conversation and a free spirit about them. And I never took any of her comments to be offensive, either. The "winning", "see ya...", silly name calling, that was just for show. And at my age, I tend to let a lot of things roll off my back. With five sisters, all of us close to and over 50 years old, we don't sugarcoat things, either. But we are also secure and have pretty thick skin. I never felt like Courtney owed the other girls an apology. But since she gave one, I felt like they owed one to her. All the glaring, eye-rolling, backstabbing they did to her, paled in comparison to what she said about them. I think Ben and Courtney will make it if they are able to tune out all the hateful, negative people.


    Ben and Courtney have as much chance of lasting more than 3 months as Obama has of being named the Greatest President in U.S. History. I thought Brad Womack was a total idiot but Ben makes Brad look like a Rhodes scholar by comparison. Everyone told this moron what Courtney was like but this guy couldn't see past her cleavage. This show has tanked if you ask me. The whole premise is sick. Not once in all the years I have watched it has a couple ever discussed things that really make for a great lasting matchup: Religion, values, politics and family. This show is all glitz, sham and fantasy and when it ends so do the relationships. I have watched my last of this turkey.


    coutney is vienna the second cant stand the site of either of them they give decent women a bad name. they both deserve the same to be alone with their conceited ugly selves. what does the bachelor do, call for the stupidest men on the planet to come on this stupid show.


    shes a scank and hes an idiot. itll never work.


    Ditto! Who cares?


    I agree with fran - 100% all the way. Ben's neither handsome nor intelligent; the thinks with his other head. Court has no goal except notoriety; she doesn't even look him in the eye when she talks. I've never seen anything she modeled. And Emily is a beauty for sure but she's NOT looking for love nor marriage. Sad, what reality shows are doing to TV. And the media calls them 'stars' - not on their best days. If they had talent . . .

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