Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson Attempt to Be Normal Couple

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Away from reality TV cameras and free to roam amid additional scrutiny from paparazzi cameras, The Bachelor stars Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson are playing the loving couple in the aftermath of their controversial winter on ABC.

Things appear to be going well and relatively uneventfully ... mostly.

Ben, who recently shared his first public pic with Courtney, appears eager to prove the skeptics wrong and show that their relationship is the real deal.

Courtney Robertson Modeling!
Ben Flajnik's Long Hair

The reality couple put on quite the amorous (and camera ready) display when Ben picked Courtney Robertson up from the San Francisco airport last week.

They acted like lovebirds as they locked lips and cuddled publicly upon being reunited, her Neil Lane diamond ring still firmly on her finger, witnesses say.

However, the pair's PDA will undeniably be met with cynicism by some.

Last week during the After the Final Rose special, Ben Flajnik admitted the negativity surrounding the season caused them to break off their engagement.

While they've since gotten back together, The Bachelor duo was also later seen looking subdued and not exhibiting any affectionate body language.

Are they just going through the motions? Or are they more of a normal pair then we probably think, in spite of everything that played out on television?

The burning question: Will Ben and Courtney last?

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We know that God is always at work for the good of everyone who loves him. Romans 8; 28a


Courtney made some big public mistakes, I for one have made them too, but I was in high-school. My point is, I don't believe Courtney is emotionally mature enough to have handled the situation any better than she did. when she is excited she acts like a little girl and much like another reality star we all know "Kloe Kardashian" whom I adore something happened in Courtney's life a childhood trauma that keeps her behaving like a little girl when VERY happy and Very Scared or threatened. I think she has a good heart and is extremely fragile and should be in therapy (hopefully she is wise enough to know Therapy would be a gift to her and BEN and not have any stigma from 50 years ago attached to it.) I wish them the best of luck, I hope she reads this and try to forgive herself and heal from this crazy public ordeal.


@Dan Auvil - which show were you watching?


Courtney's treatment of the other women pales in comparison to their treatment of her. Courtney was guilty of some insensitive, mean-spirited remarks, for which she apologized on National TV with no excuses.
But the other girls went straight to Ben, telling Ben not to choose Courtney because she was not interested in him (not true), that she was only there to 'win the game' (not true), and that all of the other girls hated her (not true). They did everything they could to sabotage Courtney's relationship with Ben, and with one exception they never apologized for their actions. Losing Ben would have been devastating to Courtney for, in her own words, Ben was the best thing that ever happened to her.
Even Ben 'abandoned' Courtney, just when she needed him most. If you can't count on your partner when you are in trouble, why have a partner? I don't mean to criticize Ben too much because I think he is a good guy and just made a mistake in this regard.


try to remember her reactions and how she was sneaky. she asked for it in my opinion. she's still fake to me


Yes, people need to let it go. Season over. Lesson... Maybe learned. But!! I disagree with the idea that Courtney had every right to attack the women "back". Two wrongs don't make a right.


Ben. Get a decent haircut. You look like a complete doofus in that middle-part pageboy.


People should just stop judging Courtney. All the women in the house attacked her...she had every right to act the way she did!


Copulating harlot



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