Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson Attempt to Be Normal Couple

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Away from reality TV cameras and free to roam amid additional scrutiny from paparazzi cameras, The Bachelor stars Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson are playing the loving couple in the aftermath of their controversial winter on ABC.

Things appear to be going well and relatively uneventfully ... mostly.

Ben, who recently shared his first public pic with Courtney, appears eager to prove the skeptics wrong and show that their relationship is the real deal.

Courtney Robertson Modeling!
Ben Flajnik's Long Hair

The reality couple put on quite the amorous (and camera ready) display when Ben picked Courtney Robertson up from the San Francisco airport last week.

They acted like lovebirds as they locked lips and cuddled publicly upon being reunited, her Neil Lane diamond ring still firmly on her finger, witnesses say.

However, the pair's PDA will undeniably be met with cynicism by some.

Last week during the After the Final Rose special, Ben Flajnik admitted the negativity surrounding the season caused them to break off their engagement.

While they've since gotten back together, The Bachelor duo was also later seen looking subdued and not exhibiting any affectionate body language.

Are they just going through the motions? Or are they more of a normal pair then we probably think, in spite of everything that played out on television?

The burning question: Will Ben and Courtney last?

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I think Ben and Courtney are doing well.Its shame people cant leave them be. They are more real than the fake barbie doll thats on now


When I first posted, I hadn't read all of your remarks -- now that I have... Wow! Do you folks really believe all that you see on a "reality" show? Ben is very fortunate that Courtney wasn't ready to give up on him. She has a childlike enjoyment of life and is not high maintenance -- as opposed to Lindzi -- who imo, would have been so wrong for Ben - she deliberately created an impression but did not seem to be emotionally invested in the process.
Personally, I think the show would be much better if it were less scripted, less i.m's and only 3-4 girls for the last 5 weeks -- each girl getting a one on one date each week and maybe all of them going on some fun things with just the girls. And for pity's sake -- let them watch tv, read and communicate with family and friends during the show -- what could it hurt? yea - less juvenile behavior.. Maybe, a true reality show would emerge....


I have been in a similar situation as Courtney and I don't blame her one bit for her actions or even her words! This show is high school manipulation at its worst and the response of those that know they have no chance to "win" is just what it was. And you don't really believe that the producers didn't tell certain girls that Ben was head over heels for Courtney?? Sorry... it was pretty obvious that they all knew which way the wind was blowing after the first cocktail party and definitely after Puerto Rico! And all she did was emloy normal teenage responses to catty remarks, looks, conversations stopping as she entered the room --And totally concentrate on Ben!


I also figured out how things got so out of control. I think the other girls ganged on Courtney again when the show started to air and used all their friends to start the online hate courtney campaign, on blogs, everywhere and with such froce others automatically followed. I noticed it because by the end of episode one it had already started but by watching the show back there was nothing she had done at that point for that kind of hate mail…So it was planted like a seed against her and it worked. I hope the best for Courtney and Ben I think the girls were a jealous bunch the worst I’ve seen in a while. I think Courtney has a lot of class and sass, she is no dummy but she is a good person. Her attitude, style and beauty screams Jakie O. package. I’m a huge fan… Hope she gets the money, the fame and the love...why not?


In watching the after show some of the girls leaked out that they had said nasty things too but that they were spared by the editors of the show. So they edited out all the negative nasty things the other girls said with the exception of Kasie B who killed Courtney on her hand like a black widow spider...which I have to say that was real phycho mean. So it seems the producers left in everything Courtney said and left out what the girls said to make it one sided.
So not fair.. I thought it was a little strange because I saw a real nasty side of the girls when the girl from the Bachelorette tried to steal a spot in the show. They lashed at her like wolfs and chewed her up like old tobbaco. But then they were angels and victims. It was strange but now I know why....


S- Rather than reply with an overused cliche, why not point out exactly which comment I made that was not true.


Maureen, You hit it on the head! Courtney has no substance or depth as a person. But in contrast, Ben is not fireball either. She will soon tire of the boring lifesyle away from her getting her "freak on" and CONSTANT attention in the limelight of modeling (not that we have seen her anywhere, modeling, that is). Ben is a "career move" for Courtney, period. Good luck, not!


. Courtney only seems to be apologizing because she’s been blindsided by negative publicity her behavior has generated, not because she’s remorseful for hurting others. There’s a difference between regretting something that hurt others & regret because you look bad. Only Courtney could take an apology & turn it into another self serving moment. She said she didn't "get a road map" for being on the Bachelor. While that may be true, nobody should need a road map to realize treating others badly will lead to people thinking badly of you. I don't know if was just how the show was edited, but Courtney seemed to instigate the tension between the ladies, then feign surprise when the other women pushed back. It's telling that both the final 2 women had such different coping mechanisms: Lindzi's was humor (a universal salve) & Courtney pushed everyone around her down a notch. To keep someone down, you have to have at least 1 foot in the gutter yourself.


Ben and Courtney a normal couple??? AS IF!!! Let me see...Ben is STILL an annoying DORK and Courtney is STILL a PSYCHO BITCH!!! Trust me...these 2 are far from normal!!! And, as we all know, TV reality show romances VERY RARELY work out. And, as for the happy ending part...again...AS IF!!! Most of all, the so-called producers of these shows don't give a damn about any of the contestants!!! The producers are nothing but instigating, manipulative and slimy SCUMBAGS who only care about $$$ and (most of all) RATINGS!!! And, by the way, deep-down...I watch "The Bachelor" because host Chris Harrison is such a CUTIE and I watch "The Bachelorette" to (more or less) drool over the men!!! Well...most of the men on there, anyway. LOL!!!!! PEACE!!!!!


"Are they just going through the motions? Or are they more of a normal pair THEN we probably think...". Uh, that would be THAN...NOT then. Always amazed how people get jobs writing when they don't have even rudimentary skills.

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