Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson: Will it Last?

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To the surprise of no one and the dismay of nearly everyone, Courtney Robertson took home the final rose on The Bachelor season finale Monday night.
Ben Flajnik, Courtney Robertson Kiss

The most interesting part of the evening came afterward.

On the After the Final Rose special, taped on March 4 and airing right after Ben Flajnik got down on one knee, the couple revealed to host-pimp Chris Harrison that Ben actually dumped Courtney last month ... only to get re-engaged!

What prompted the split? Ben Flajnik watching his model fiancee act like such a petulant, obnoxious psycho b!tch on The Bachelor this season, basically.

Surprisingly (and it seemed quite genuine ... if this was an act for the cameras it was a darn good one) the two patched things up after their breakup.

Ben said he knows Courtney Robertson regrets her behavior and he should've stuck by his bride-to-be through this difficult time, rather than run for the hills.

And hooking up with some other girl, which he denied in the ATFR taping. Whatever. In case there was any doubt, he put the ring BACK on her last night.

All very interesting. What do you think? Do you believe in Courtney and Ben? Will these two make it to the altar and live happily ever after? Vote in our poll:

Will Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson last?


Ben is a "loser" they both belong together, however, it won't last. It worked out well for Linzi, by now she will realize that she and Ben didn't really match, she has too much class and depth, Ben is surface oriented. Linzi on the other hand will find her prince charming very soon. Ben need to grow up!


It won't last because Cortney needs a much stronger man.


It is amazing what that show will do for ratings. The ring was totally staged, she had it the whole time....give me a break. I do believe Ben is looking for love, but can he really be this desperate or just this stupid? This is what skinny dipping too soon does for ya!!!! Frankly, I believe at this point they truly deserve each other. Wish them well.


Enough said with both of them. They do deserve each other, but it won't even last 6 months. Lindzi was the winner that Ben didn't pick her. She is much to good for Ben.She is a class act and I hope they make her a Bachlorette .


Yes, it will last! I'm actually happy that ben and courtney are together and i think their relationship will last. As controversial as this season has been, they both have enough will power to make through this s$#t storm of press. They look good together, they care about each other/support each other and they both found love. That's all that matters. From the group of girls that ben had on the show he picked the best one (and most accomplished, independent, and beautiful one). The rest is just a sad bunch of cocktail waitresses.


Hahaha I think they both belongs to one another and Ben you should stuck with Countney now,why took the ring away from her?You choose her regardless,you didn't even want to hear other women trying to tell you about Countney,because you had fun with her especialliy she nude more than other's...I think you like that kind of attitutes,and didn't even think why other's didn't get along with only her,and she's trying to say she's defending herself,it's all baloonyeee!!!.Now you gave her back the ring that's REDICULOUS,and that's not love,and you blaming on SURROUNDINGS...something goofy...and you guy's deserved one another for LIFE.


Love is blind and he proved it before national Television.. Truly hope it works, but the odds are against it.. Can't believe that Courtney felt "Abondoned" with all the negative press going on about them.. Good Luck to you both.. Lindzi within 6 months will have found her prince charming.. She is a class act

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