Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson NOT Moving in Together ... Yet

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The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson are now a happy and engaged couple, but that doesn't mean cohabitation is in effect. At least not yet.

Us Weekly (who broke the story of Ben kissing random girls, and who Flajnik calls "shady") recently reported that he and Court were shacking up already.

We thought that was probably too soon. Turns it so did they.

Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik Date

A source tells E! News that Robertson "hasn't moved in, but they are spending more time together. She is gradually moving some stuff into his apartment."

"Still, they are content taking it slow at the moment."

Probably for the best. Love 'em or loathe 'em, the two have been through a lot, and need time to figure out if this is even going to work as a relationship.

"She is now back at her L.A. home and they are planning to see each other again next week," the source adds of L.A.-based model Courtney Robertson.

"They are getting along really well, but she's not willing to give up her L.A. home yet."

"It might be soon, though, but they want to just see how it goes and get used to settling into real life and spending a lot of time together first."

Fair. What do you think: Will this thing last?


The women weren't nice to Courtney.Is it possible that she had a hard time of it? Think that Ben and Courtney are very cute together. They have something special. The other woman were jeaulous of her.Courtney is a beautiful girl and she is pretty without make up. She is naturally good looking. Would have been nice if the woman would have treated her nicely. Maybe they missed out on being friends with her.
She comes from a nice family and a loving one. She was fine around her family.


Any normal man would have headed for the hills after viewing Courtney's wicked behavior on the Bachelor behind his back. Courtney was nothing short of a bully. I hate bullies, as they rip your soul out. How shameful her family must feelafter watching the show. Pity. I think Ben and Courtney are faking it and together only to fulfill the Bachelor shows obligations. The break up announcement will be here shortly I predict and hope. This Courtney was a viper.


I didn't know he knew how to smile. She does a phony one very well and should give him lessons. Maybe he's having gas?


she is a idiot...and ugly at it...she goes around saying winning...lmao.,.what a joke..........go back to the garbage..trash lady....


Hahahahhaaahahahaha. I hope they do move in together. Nothing will break up these two losers faster than that, if they haven't broken up already. All that's left is the "official" announcement: We are no longer engaged, but we'll always love and care for each other after going on this incredible journey... blah blah blah." Haaahahahahahahaaahhahahaha.

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