Bear Grylls: Fired by The Discovery Channel!

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Perhaps he should have spent more time in the negotiating room and less time in the amazon...

The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Bear Grylls, star of the Discovery Channel's long-running hit Man vs. Wild, has been fired due to what a network executive describes as a "contractual dispute." As a result of this disagreement, this insider says:

"Discovery has terminated all current productions with him."

Man vs. Wild poster

Grylls, who is releasing a memoir in May, has anchored Man vs. Wild since March 2006. The series features the star showing viewers how to survive in all kinds of conditions, against all kinds of elements and enemies.

And it's earned Grylls quite the celebrity following. Jake Gyllenhaal, Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller have all tagged along for adventures with Bear. No one from his camp has commented yet on his ousting.

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Bear is a tw@t ...he is phoney and only interested in money and being a "star". He kills animals to make a show and to try to look hard. You don't need to do this in the wild if you know what you;re doing.


So dumb, never watching discovery again.


What the hell???? Discovery channel has gone no one is going to watch discovery,,,,,it was only bear gryll's man vs wild ,,,which the whole family from every huse hold enjoy....discovery has done their ultimate mistake.....!!!!


Major mistake discovery! Where is your loyalty to the man that brought this show to life and sky-rocketed your ratings and surely you income too? It seems like discovery is to arrogant to admit when they have good thing. Wouldn't like to work with or for people like that anyway!!!! Good riddance Bear! The program is going to suck without you.... Like tumble-weed blowing in the desert!!!!! BORING!!!! Good luck with trying to air a fake knock-off of this one!


What programming didnt he want to do?


R.I.P ultimate survival. wost case senarios


R.I.P ultimate survival.


That's terrible. My entire family loved watching his shows and the advice. We will miss Man vs. Wild. He was the best! Big mistake Discovery.


My husband (a marine & a survival expert) has called shenanigans on this show a bunch of times. Bear Grylls has been accused of staging situations for the sake of demonstration and we believe there was even more to it. No one should risk injury in a survival situation, yet he did it a number of times for ratings sake, going for feats my husband said would be not only unwise but also impossible for someone who has been weakened by hunger and weather trials for 2 days. Bottom line is this: the show offered an unrealistic and formulaic approach to a survival situation, but then actual survival doesn't make for a very exciting show, does it?


Discovery channel you made a huuugggeeee mistake!!!! My little girl love this program with Bear Grylls.. Nobody like him.