Anthony Bourdain Takes Another Shot at Paula Deen

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The lingering feud between celebrity chefs Anthony Bourdain and Paula Deen took another turn on Sunday at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival in Florida.

With both chefs on hand for separate cooking demonstrations, Bourdain, 55, wasted no time bashing Deen, 65, yet again for endorsing diabetes medication.

After years of shilling massively high-calorie, decadent foods, Deen recently admitted she has Type 2 diabetes ... which she concealed for a matter of years.

Bourdain, a vocal critic of Deen, was asked by chef Eddie Huang: "Aren't you a hypocrite – smoking on your show and making fun of this nice old lady with diabetes?"

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Bourdain replied: "You're right. I did smoke cigarettes for a lot of years on my show. But I wasn't selling [expletive] cigarettes ... And when I found a spot on my [expletive] lung, I didn't wait three years so I could get a deal selling the patch."

Ouch. But nicely played. It's not like he put spots on anyone else's lungs, even if you make the argument that smoking on his show wasn't setting a good example.

Either way, the two chefs' contrasting styles were further accentuated when each was asked at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival for their best hangover cure.

Deen answered, "I don't drink, so I don't get hangovers!"

But Bourdain, drinking a Pabst Blue Ribbon at that very moment, said his cure was "aspirin, a cold Coca-Cola, a big joint and leftover Kung Pao Chicken."

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Paula Deen is a genuine, down to earth, caring individual that came up the hard way through the ranks. Anthony Bourdain is an arrogant, self centered, pompous jerk. I can't stand him or his show on Travel Channel. I wish they would cancel his program. He's definitely extremely jealous of Paula Deen that's why he's lashing out at her.


I don't even see him cook anything at all hardly ever.. southern cooking is definitely an art. southern food has been passed down generation to generation but it doesn't mean that were all poor people over here who eat scraps... if you're not from down here thn you won't understand.. paula dean in my eyes is a very good representation of how the ladies cook down here... people like to pick on southern food but I spent 7 years in california and I found plenty of food in the bay area that was very bad for you as well and if this was that bad... tell me why everyone comes to savannah and lined up for hours and hours just to have a bite of her fried chicken. ... so I guess the moral to the story is it doesn't matter where you are in the world or what you're eating... it should all be moderated... and smoking no 1 should do at all anyway


Mr. Bourdain is dead on about Paula "Mo' Butta" Deen. She is a lousy cook, plagiarized her recipes from poor, disenfranchised "African Americans" from the Florida/Georgia area who had nothing but scraps to feed their own families. She has an absolutely obnoxious attitude, and her cooking habits are just plain nasty! I don't care that Paula has DM2; this is the point she has a platform and could use it to assist people who suffer from obesity and DM2 and well as HTN and other life altering health conditions. I said before she is disingenuous to continue with her high fat, high sugar cooking, and collecting those millions from Novo Nordisk. She has her son doing the same garbage recipes with half the fat and sugar. Nauseating!!!!


Paula is a menace to society...she is to all real chefs a disease. The problem with the food network is they only have faux chefs on and barely real ones. All Paula cares about is the dollar. She is disgusting and not worthy of being labeled a chef. Those that watch her and sad creatures who have no palette


Anthony Bourdain is such a malcontent. He is often rude about the people of the countries he visits, pokes fun, is sarcastic and ungrateful for the hospitality they extend him. He is lucky that some TV channel has deemed him worthy of his own show. I personally no longer watch, I dont need to have my blod pressure raised by his nasty attempts at humor at the expense of others. Why would anyone be surprised that he is rude yet again?


And yeah, I believe he's jealous too because he isn't on the Food Network himself cause you'll notice, he only disses Food Network chefs, never any of the ones on the Travel Channel. Guess he's mad cause there was no room on the Food Network for a chef that couldn't drag their sluggard ass out of bed early in the morning for a shoot - cause he'd still be drunk trying to sleep off drinking the night before. Surprised his wife lets him get away with it, cause she is definitely the boss of that family.


Margaretha - Bourdain could NEVER have been an academic. He's too lazy. That's why he has the show, so he doesn't have to get up early mornings and chef for anyone working in a restaurant himself.


He drinks like a fish and promotes business at restaurants and lounges that sell alcoholic drinks on his show. Same thing, the old hypocrite. He needs to show some class and leave the childish comments to his young daughter.


anthony b. needs to get a grip. he of all people wants to come off as a big liberal, yet he has become self appointed food police. for someone who has eaten the a$$ of animals (on his show)he is now telling someone else what they should or should not eat. no he just wants to rebel and fellow chefs are his target. like his show but dont like his holier than thou attitude.


@ Lois
Come again?