Annette McCullough, High School Soccer Player, Charged With Assault After On-Field Fight

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Lewisville (S.C.) High School senior Annette McCullough became the subject of criminal investigation after she brutally attacked a Chester (S.C.) High opponent.

During the game.

It seemed to come out of nowhere. In the midst of a tightly-fought girls soccer match, McCullough fell after a seemingly innocuous foul ... and absolutely lost it:

There is no video showcasing prior incidents between these two players, yet McCullough reacted viciously to a relatively minor trip that sent her to the ground.

The attack, which you can see above, featured hair pulling, punches being rained down on the Chester player before the melee was broken up.

Not just one or two of them, either. She went Jenelle Evans on her.

Annette McCullough was immediately sent off with a red card and escorted away from the field. Chester County deputies were called to the scene.

McCullough, 18, was charged with simple assault.

Alan Parker, referee of the match, made clear that this invoked a sense of violence that made it much more troubling than other soccer skirmishes.

"Some incidental contact ended in one girl going down and she just got up and started pummeling," Parker told WBTV. "It's unfortunate, it really is."

"Contact is a part of soccer, but when you retaliate like that, obviously, there is no place in the game for that. Occasionally you have players that go at it."

"In this case, though, it was just one girl pummeling the other girl. And not just for a moment, she didn't stop which is even more egregious."


no this is not a hate crime, but with that being said.... if the black girl got the sh*t beat out of her by the white girl, every black person in the united states of america would be screaming hate crime! just speaking the truth


Ms. McCullough should receive whatever the law allows based on what she did. When you compete there is a thing clld sportsmanship, you don't attack someone like this, she should be ready to take responsibility for her actions.


i go to lewisville with this girl. she was a pretty good friendof mine and shes never showed any signs of acting like that and no the girl is noracist because im white and me and her get along just fine and everyone out there thinking she should go to jail and serve time no she should not be if this was a fight during school hours she would not be going through alof this or if cn2 news wasnt there taping moe the goalie for player of the week she wouldnt be going through all of this either so.


I have seen more violence in school wrestling. People need to stop playing nanny. Her parents can handle it. And what is that person talking about denying her graduation? Get real.


Ive seen some bad fouls in girls soccer before but never a blatant attack after a simple trip like this one. That girl was one crazy biotch


What is that lady saying give her a brake she deserves everything she is getting and going to get again soccer contact sport she drew the foul you get ball get to set up a play instead you go bananas. Just plain ignorant!!!


Hey babaloosobral your a complete ass , sure that fool went to far and should be prosecuted, she new what she was doing and walked off the field with not a care in the world and If they really wanted make an example of her have here clean the streets wearing her uniform and a sign on here back saying I disgraced my high school for poor sportsmanship by attacking a defenseless player.


Lock her up, she is scum.


give the girl a break. the game got too emotional for her to handle. She is only 18. the other girl had minor injuries. So, hit 11 times, but still not hurt. those were just slaps. Should she play soccer again? No. Should she get counselling? Yes. But don't ruin her life by treating this as criminal or racial. Did you notice that most of her team mates were white? This was just a school game that got out of hand.


I actually go to the school. I didn't find out about this until one of my friends told me about it right when school let out. I don't know the girl, but I thought that was messed up. Yeah Chester and Lewisville are rivals but this is ridiculous. Looks like the Senior Class of 2012 will be a student short during Graduation. Normally, nobody at the school acts like this during a game