Angelina Jolie to Direct Kate Middleton Biopic?

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Is Angelina Jolie thinking about producing, directing and/or even starring in a royal family biopic? With the lovely Kate Middleton as the centerpiece?

The leg-thrusting Oscar winner is apparently obsessed with the royal family, keeping a framed photo of William and Kate at her French chateau!

That's the rumor anyway, and her interest goes beyond simple admiration.

Angelina Jolie at SAG Awards
Dazzling Duchess

Bowled over by the royal couple's "kindness and sincerity," Angie is even thinking about trying to get a Kate Middleton biopic made, sources say.

"Angelina's fascinated by her and her wonderful aura," says an insider.

"She loves her look and common touch and says she and William radiate kindness and sincerity, something increasingly rare in this day and age."

Who would play William and Kate on film? Angelina does not seem like the best choice, actress-wise, though she might be fine as the director.


How ridiculous . Anjelina Jolie?!? Once again Hollywood is trying to get in the limelight and trying to reach for something they can't even grasp or obtain. I find it rather pathetic. Anjelina"stick with entertaning us in Hollywood,that's what you are an entertainer". Don't try and reach ,you might consider yourself royalty on the big screen but we all no the truth.A hundred yrs ago entertainers were considered the lows of societies and no Aristocrat would associate themselves with an actor in the USA or in Royal Society. Yes times do change,however Anjelina with your moral conduct"go after a married man", and bragging about it your morally bankrupt. If there was an actor in Hollywood that could portray Kate or produce a movie a better consdideration would be Reese Whitherspoon (a respected actress) would be a better fit.


Eeeeww.. so so sick of angelina


I don't think that Angelina Jolly could/should represent our Kate. Our Kate has a natural beauty, a natural elegance, a natural kindness and class that should not be exposed/soiled with the copy cats of Hollywood or similar!

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