Angelina Jolie Making "Crazy Wedding Demands," Gossip Rag Claims

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Another day, another hilariously bogus Brangelina wedding story.

Just yesterday, Life & Style reported that the wedding was called off. Now, In Touch claims that it's on ... and Angie is making some CRAZY demands!!

If it were on, which it's totally not, we could totally see that.

Brangelina Wedding Demands

Among the things Angelina Jolie is reportedly demanding after FINALLY being GUILTED into marrying her partner of six years and the father of six kids:

  • Picking her own wedding ring
  • A ban on any wedding cake
  • Wearing a black dress

Wow, sounds like a blast. We're almost glad this story is completely made up, because if it weren't, the leg-thrusting diva sounds like the ultimate Bridezilla.


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