Andrew Lewis: Jenelle Evans' Baby Daddy Revealed?

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Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is reportedly “devastated” after learning the truth about her young son’s paternity, according to the UK's Mail Online.

Andrew Lewis, not that douche Kieffer Delp, is listed as the father of Jenelle's son, Jace, who's currently is in the custody of her mother, Barbara Evans.

However, birth certificate be damned, she claimed she cheated on him and was unsure who the father was ... until only recently finding out he is the dad.

A friend says Andrew Lewis recently took a paternity test which proved 100 percent that he is the father, and that Jenelle has not taken kindly to this.

Jenelle Evans, Jace

“Andrew always knew deep down he was Jace’s father, but it’s a relief to actually prove it to Jenelle and finally get Jace back in his life,” the friend said.

“Andrew broke down in tears when he found out and he cried when Jenelle finally let him see Jace via Skype for the first time in almost two years.”

Jenelle Evans' mother Barbara has custody of Jace due to her daughter’s troubled life, which includes many run-ins with the law and a stint in rehab.

Jenelle has not yet revealed to little Jace who his father is.

The Mail claims Andrew and Jenelle were Skyping on Christmas and when Jace asked who was on the screen she replied, “Nobody important."

This devastated Lewis, who "just lost it and broke down into tears; it was affirmation just how horrible of a mom Jenelle is,” his friend said.

“It breaks Andrew’s heart having to watch his son grow up on TV, but Jenelle said that the only way he can have a relationship with Jace is if he films for Teen Mom so he signed a contract with MTV and has already filmed for next season."

“After confirming and documenting the DNA test Jenelle and her mom Barbara promised to send pictures, post cards and let Andrew fly to North Carolina to see Jace, but every one of his calls has gone unanswered so far."

“He’s trying to have a relationship with Jace so he can someday regain custody, but Jenelle and her mom are making every effort to continue to shut him out."

Guess we'll be watching this play out in the coming months ... on MTV.


Atleast he is tryin to be in jace's life!!!! Must baby daddys dont want nothin to do with the kid :((


I think that everyone is forgetting the most important factor here. It is Jace. I don't know how any child is expected to thrive in a healthy productive manner living with the stress that Jace does. Shame on his mother for not putting him first. As for the biological father, he must have had some chance over the last two years to contact a lawyer. In the real world, custody cases are usually handled in court. I feel bad for Jace being caught up in all of this. Keep smiling little man.


Sorry, but I call fake. Andrew is paying her child support, meaning he must have had to take a DNA test earlier on and therefore knew Jace was his son. Plus I heard he has another son now with someone else (although I'm not positive)

@ Anonymous

No he only has one thts Jace


I hope that Andrew takes jace away from both his mother and grandmother. That family should all be committed to the luny bin. Poor jace


He wants to see Jace cuz then he will be on TV. Really he was on her Teen mom episode, he was texting her and broke up with her. He has had 2 years....what a dead beat loser coming in the picture 2 years later. I just feel bad for Jace.


This story is wrong. If you watch Janelle's 16 and Pregnant episode it clearly shows Keifer was never questioned as being the father (she met him after she already had Jace) and that Andrew was the one she was with and was the father to Jace.


he doesnt need to sign with mtv to see his kid. There is something called family court!


Now it makes sense why he was such a prick to her! I'd be fuckin pissed if i was him too, but nice to see he can drop all that anger to want to see his son.

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