American Idol Results: Who Got the Chop?

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American Idol pared its field down to nine singers this week.

Following their performances Wednesday night, DeAndre Brackensick and Heejun Han seemed destined for the bottom three on tonight's results show.

Did they land there? And who else ended up on the block?

American Idol Top 10

The dreaded bottom three did indeed come down to the aforementioned two gentlemen, as many predicted, along with Erika Van Pelt, with the judges indicating right off the bat that they would not be saving any of the above. Rough!

When the results were read, the fewest number of votes went to...

Erika Van Pelt! Yes, America actually preferred DeAndre Brackensick and Heejun Han. The viewers of this show really don't like female singers, huh?

She had been a staple in the bottom three, but after a total makeover and a strong performance this week, many felt she would be in the clear.

Erika just didn't connect with enough voters to stay on Idol, though, leaving DeAndre and Heejun to fight another week ... possibly the last for one of them.

Check back Friday for continued coverage of the show, including fallout from this week's elimination and video of Lana Del Rey's performance?

What did you think of the results? Did Erika deserve to go?


Heejun is such a breath of fresh air... But Steven called it right- Heejun needs to take this more se4riously in order for him to be a real contender.


i dont think she should of gone but i understand they wanted to save there only save. i think what really hurt her was the constant new about her. idont think it was fair to the other contestants. ido think she has agreat voice. too bad though.


I think that it was rediculous that they cut erika i am beginning to think that american idol is all a joke they have it all figured out.I am very sad to see that erika is gone.


The save is being saved just in case america gives the boot to one of the real top three or four talents on the show. Examples would be Jessica, Colton, Hollie Cavanagh, and Elise Testone (a judge fav)


I do agree about Heejun's vocal ability, however,I feel for him being in his position right now that everyone wants him to vote off and yet he is still in the competition.I really wished that Heejun would be out by tonight but unfortunately he has to be in the competition one more week if not more. And I think judges have to take some responsibility on this part as well.


The problem with the voting is that it is 'teeny-boppers' who tweet,
text, and do continues e-mails after the show. The judges (try)to keep good talent but that's only 3 opinions. I enjoy Stephen,and JLO
but seems that Randy is trying too hard to be another Simon Cowell.


at first (audition week), i used to like heejun..but now i admit he is the worst contestant among the top ten..i can't understand why voters prefer heejun instead evp to go to next round..if i'm in america i'll vote for evp definetely..her voice is more beautiful and unique than heejun


how sad that EVP was lowest vote. Truly obvious that there needs to be a better system for keeping talent. HeeHun is a clown and thinks this is a comedy show. He is also disrespectful of what is said to him. As for DeAndre he has an okay voice but again not an IDOL. As for the judges, bring Simon Cowell back as he was honest and new great talent. Besides he was so much more interesting the JL and Randy. If it were not for Stephen Tyler the show would be a total bore. You cannot love everyone.


This absolutely ridiculous..I agree..I might just be watching The Voice from now least they all are talented..We need to get rid of the voters that are only 14...they have no idea..that showed last week with Elise in the bottom far as JL and Randy..I think JL has fallen for the hair thrower..he doesnt have a voice that I would go listen to or buy any of his cd' EVP I hope we havent heard the last of her...Stupid judges


Another San Jaya episode, HeeHunn over EVP? Tyler got it right about HeeHunn, JL and Randy slammed him and they still didn't save EVP. Okay, the EVP was short votes, past experience has shown that could change. Who are they saving their votes for...HeeHun? The VOICE is more of a singing competition than AI. I thought Paula Abdul was poor judge, well JL and Randy need to go.........!


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