American Idol Results: Who Got the Chop?

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American Idol pared its field down to nine singers this week.

Following their performances Wednesday night, DeAndre Brackensick and Heejun Han seemed destined for the bottom three on tonight's results show.

Did they land there? And who else ended up on the block?

American Idol Top 10

The dreaded bottom three did indeed come down to the aforementioned two gentlemen, as many predicted, along with Erika Van Pelt, with the judges indicating right off the bat that they would not be saving any of the above. Rough!

When the results were read, the fewest number of votes went to...

Erika Van Pelt! Yes, America actually preferred DeAndre Brackensick and Heejun Han. The viewers of this show really don't like female singers, huh?

She had been a staple in the bottom three, but after a total makeover and a strong performance this week, many felt she would be in the clear.

Erika just didn't connect with enough voters to stay on Idol, though, leaving DeAndre and Heejun to fight another week ... possibly the last for one of them.

Check back Friday for continued coverage of the show, including fallout from this week's elimination and video of Lana Del Rey's performance?

What did you think of the results? Did Erika deserve to go?


I think that america go this one wrong and the judges Heejun should never had gotten this far. America votes at times to spite our judges. I have watched every season from start to finish. I truly believe that these are the best judges we have ever had. They really are not rude when they criticise, this is a singing competition and not a comedy show, so hopefully next week Heejun will be gone.


The judges praise Phillip for being his own man and chastise Heejun for doing the same. Why is that? Is it because ST sees Phillip when he looks in the mirror?


Erika has a beautiful voice.but she doesn't have an idol charisma so that she got the lowest number of vote.
It doesn't mean I like heejun than erika --well, but i admit i like him in audition week just because he's funny but this is a singing competition(in my opinion.don't know about the judges' and others viewer's thought)-- I think heejun had to go home since the top 13..jeremy is much better than him.


This chic Erika sang ok....i wouldn't say she was the best on Idol, but i also do not think she deserved to go home last night....that Heejun is such a frigin joke....he definitely should have gotten the ax....all he does is joke, and he's NOT FUNNY>>>>>> please America get rid of him next time....he should have never gotten this far in the competition...also did anyone else notice that this chic Erika looked soooo old for her age.....WOW she looked like everyone's mother....there is no way she is in her 20's....and the black hair....yukkkkk.... sorry, but she looked even older....she looked way better being a blonde.....


Last night was very unfortunate. Erika did not deserve to go home. She cut her hair, dyed her hair, changed her outfit, and sang one of her best songs yet. Heejun and Hollie should have been one of the 2 to go based on vocals and performance. Thats the whole point of American Idol!


Erika had possibly the best voice, however she did not fit the whole image. I feel bad when in a singing compitition she is voted off over others with no singing talent at all. Phill is the best for image and outstanding, modern talent.


When Heejun said that Jessica Sanchez, Madonna and Michael Bolton were his fashion icons, he was accused of being disrespectful. But when Colton Dixon and Phillip Phillips blatantly ignored the 'expert advice', they were lauded as role models who stayed true to themselves. Tsk tsk, double standards, American Idol viewers. Give credit to all three I say! "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... until you climb into his skin and walk around in it." Harper Lee


Heejun really needs to go. i can not believe he made it another week. I love watching american idol-- but would enjoy it so much more without the not so talented Heejun.


No more American Idol for is a total joke. It's the Voice from now on...thet have some real talent...Bye Bye AI


'Idol" used to be interesting and exciting ... BUT now "I don't think so" !!! The show is supposed to be about 'new and fresh' talent !!!! The judges and persons of 'talent' suggests different things to the contestants BUT when the contestants 'change' to the suggested 'things to do' they get blasted for it !! SOMETHING is wrong here and I for one of apparently many have become very disappointed and do not watch the show as I once did !! Sponsors and network either get the show back to its roots beginning with the judges (with such obvious prejudice with certain contestants) OR the show should be 'bye, bye' !!!


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