American Idol Results: The First Finalist Eliminated Is...

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American Idol is now down to 12.

Following an evening that paid tribute to Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder - and included the Performance of the Season in Jessica Sanchez's "I Will Always Love You" rendition - the Fox competition sent its first finalist packing tonight. And the unlucky contestant was...

American Idol Top 13 Photo

... Jeremy Rosado!

The Jer-Bear was a bundle of nerves prior to his cover of "Ribbon in the Sky" last night, knowing he was a judges' Wild Card pick from the week before and really had to prove himself to viewers. Sadly, he won't have any more opportunities to do so.

What do you think? Did Jeremy deserve to go home?


Gooooooooooooooooooo JESSICA, great and golden voice.


All of you that are saying Jeremy couldn't sing: I say yeah freakin' right. The kid can sing, and sing really well, you're just judging him based on that performance. It wasn't a good performance, but he CAN sing. I'd like to see all of the people that dissed him sing like that.


I love 2 getmore from American eee


colton dixen is sexy as heck and he can sing like an angel


Seriously, if i hear one more thing about this kid Phillip Phillips with kidney stones again, i'm gonna puke.....Why all the hype on him.....I, myself have had stones, painful yes, but very treatable, and what's the big frigin deal...he's back, he sucks, and talk about more important things, like the little talent on A.I. this year....The only talent is the girls side, except for Colton Dixon....Jessica Sanchez is awesome and should win A.I. HANDS DOWN..........


Out of all the boys on A.I. this season, Colton Dixon can really sing.....this kid is unbelievable...he should be a finalist....but i really think it's the girls year this season.....Jessica Sanchez blows everyone of these kids away....she is sensational....i see her, Hollie, maybe Skylar and Colton definitely top 5, with Jessica winning it all.....


I have to say that Lauren Alaina looks fantastic...WOW she dropped some weight and it shows....that baby fat is gone, and she looks more mature....very pretty girl......Jeremy Rosado just didn't have what it takes to win A.I. along with that weird person Phillip Phillips, Shannon MaGrane, and the homily Elise Testone....yukkkk what could the judges even pick these 3 people....they sucked soooo bad.....there is no way any one of these 3 will be even in the top 10....i see ELIMINATION SOON FOR ALL 3...........


I am sure that he is a very nice kid. I thought his voice was extremely weak and dull. He should have been cut in Hollywood. But JLo had an obsession with him that was weird so she kept him on at the expense of Grimm Reed and other much, much more worthy contestants. But if she would have gone against the American public yet again, she would have lost all credibility. Steven finally put an end to it when he boldly told Ryan that Jeremy needed to go.


I donot know how he made it so far-he cannot sing


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