American Idol Power Poll: The Top 10

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With the American Idol top 10 taking the stage again tonight, and with this shaping up to be one of the more hotly-contested seasons to date, it's time for the first THG Power Poll of the season.

Who do you see as the favorite right now?

American Idol Top 10

10. Deandre Brackensick: Would have been our choice to leave after last week's debacle. He can hit the high notes... and that's about it.

9. Heejun Han: Love the personality, don't see anything on stage that makes him standout above the rest. It's solid and nothing more or less.

8. Elise Testone: Might suffer some likability issues. Did you notice her NOT applauding for Erika last week? Or not hugging Skylar? Yes, we're forced to nitpick when the talent is this even. We did love her version of "Let's Stay Together."

7. Joshua Ledet: We expect plenty of disagreement here. It's not a question of his voice, just of his theatrics. Ledet's "When a Man Loves a Woman" may have been the single best of any contestant this season, but we can see his act growing old.

6. Skylar Laine: She has the energy and the attitude, that's for sure. She also has the identity: a rocking country chick. She just lacks the range.

5. Erika Van Pelt: Loved her take on“Edge of Glory." A smooth, consistent voice makes it hard to see this finalist faltering in the next few weeks.

4. Colton Dixon: Love the risks he takes - a song by White Lion?!? - and love his confidence on stage. Most definitely stands out on a weekly basis.

3. Jessica Sanchez: Will go down in Idol history for her version of “I Will Always Love You." That should be enough to keep her around for awhile. But can she go outside the world of ballads? A less-than-impressive take on “Turn the Beat Around" causes us to wonder.

2. Hollie Cavanagh: Has she had an off week yet? Memorable auditions of “Reflection,” “All the Man That I Need,” and “The Power of Love" prove she has staying power. Could work on her versatility and stage presence.

1. Phillip Phillips: He's a cute young white guy with a guitar. Until American Idol viewers prove they are capable of crowning someone else, he has to be the favorite.



fleur, you're an idiot. There's a reason you haven't heard a voice like Deandre's before. Because it sucks. He's lucky FOX has an agenda this year to keep him in it. He won't last long though. Most of America doesn't like that kind of voice.


Hollie is definitely an amazing singer. She is my favorite with Colton right behind her.


Cannot stand Elise, no amount of singing changeup will make up for that attitutde and personality. I don't like her singing, either, but she herself is her worst enemy. She will surely be a deadweight pain on tour, her arrogance is unbelievable. All the effort to try to make her more likeable, the judges going on and on about her talent - please, we already saw her act, which includes a superiority that is irritating. We yell at the TV while she is on, "Go home, we hate you, please stop singing" with the sort of abandon we usually save for a bad referee call in sports. She is inspiring, inspiring us to wish for anything at all to get her off of the air. The discussion after the show was whether the judges would blow their save on her the next time she gets the bottom amount of votes. After years of choral singing, she is exactly who you don't want on a stage with you, just a champion b--ch all around.


Colton is by far the most talented this year. When you look at hou sales are going, only a few of them might make it in the business. Colton writes his own music, so thats already a big plus! Elise is just as talented, amazing voice and quite current. Hollie can really sing and belt out notes, though she still needs a lot of work (and she's still young) but i have a feeling those 3 would do well as recording artists. Deandre can reach those notes, but no feeling at all. The selection of songs he's performing lacks melody and is not very current at all,he needs to do songs the american viewers can relate to. Just a thought/opinion.


Deandre sucks. Yes I'm a hater. Get over it. He can't sing.


Keep an open mind and listen to Deandre again. He killed it with Georgia on my Mind, A Woman's Work, Reasons, Master Blaster and Endless Love. His voice is much more than just those fantastic high notes he hits...he's versatile, can sing uptempo and ballads. Stop being a hater and catch a little brackensickness:)


Jessica Sanchez is a brilliant singer....


Deandre can sing anything! He is my favorite!


Coming on in four minutes bitches!!!! On fox!!!! :)


STOP BEING A RUSH TO JUDGEMENT!! They all can sing - But I love DeAndre .I can't blieve people want to throw him under the bus because of one 'off'week?? Give me a break- they're all gonna have an 'off' a week or so... So what!! this kid has an amazing voice that I have not yet heard on any American idol season- give him a chance! My Goodness...

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