Adam Lambert Gets Personal, Aims to Liberate the Masses

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Adam Lambert is simply a "crazy hedonistic rebel who wants to liberate the masses."

That's what this former American Idol star says in the latest issue of Fault, explaining to the magazine how his public persona does not always jibe with his private one.

"I’m not always as strong and confident as I may seem," Adam says. "I work hard to project pride and poise when faced with judgement and heartache. That is how I cope. I feel a bit of pressure to set a certain example that suggests that I deserve my place in this industry. I'm hard on myself and critical."

Adam Lambert Fault Cover
Adam Lambert in Fault

And how does his upcoming album, "Tresspassing," play into this dichotomy?

"There are songs on [the CD] that deal with that anxiety," he says. "Until I met my current boyfriend (Sauli Koskinen), I was always falling for the wrong guys, which caused my self worth to suffer. This is just some of what the album explores.”

The album was originally scheduled for a March release, but has now been pushed back so Adam can "work on some new songs," as he Tweeted a couple weeks ago.


Adam is great , i love his music and the puppy in his hand is soo cute !


Not a big fan of Adam but you gotta admit, his music rocks!!!


i love the puppy its soooo cute when its in adam's hand:)


Adam is gorgeous and so incredibly talented!


Adam is a real gem. So many people aren't aware of how great he is. Hopefully, with his new album Trespassing, they will hear of him and check it out. Everyone who meets him ALWAYS has kind things to say about him - even the ones who were critical beforehand.


Love this cover picture on Fault, which I pre-0rdered and have not rec'd. Not sure I get the puppy reference? Maybe it will be explained. btw, Adam is the Artist of this era!


Without getting all personal on a silly blog (because, let's face it, most important thing is the dude has pipes to die for, cray cray talent, and I love what he's bringing the music scene) I can say that Lambert has been a huge part of a huge liberation of sorts in my life, nothing to do with sexual orientation...honestly, in matters of more importance than that (because sexual orientation should completely be a "whatevs" issue at this point in 2012) and I follow Adam for the talent, showmanship and music... but what a great dose of icing on the cake that he's a nice guy and putting goodness out there to boot.


Adam, you have already liberated so many people in the short time you've been famous.


Adam Lambert is best singer and artist today, on the top of of that he is a so honest,sweet,kind generous and down to earth. What a gorgeous human being!!!!!!!


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