16 & Pregnant Season Premiere: New Cast, Same Struggles!

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MTV returned with a fourth season of 16 and Pregnant last night.

In the first of back-to-back episodes, viewers were introduced to cheerleader Mackenzie and BF Josh, who has dreams of making it big on the rodeo circuit.

He's already had a few too many concussions, though, and his most recent injury, to the neck, was actually sustained a car wreck. Doesn't bode well.

The highlight, if you can call it that, was Mackenzie donning a full cheerleading outfit, thinking she can still cheer with the best of them at 36 weeks.

Clearly, Mackenzie and Josh are in denial, and the second episode featuring Katie and Joey showed another twosome almost equally as overwhelmed.

Katie gave up her dreams of college, while both of them wound up living with his parents during and after the pregnancy. Their ambitions are all on hold.

Despite the new 16 and Pregnant cast, the broad point remains the same: This is not a glamorous life, but one girls and guys should think very hard about.

Raising a baby upends lives permanently, and is not something many can handle at a young age. This should be a deterrent, or at least a cautionary tale.

Of course, these are basically unofficial audition tapes for Teen Mom, which will pick the most interesting 16 & Pregnant stars for its mega-hit spinoff.


Kids shouldn't have sex period! Kids should be kids and not have kids! How f...d up does that sound!!!!


I don't think 16 and Pregnant glamorizes teen pregnancy, it just shows people what young people are going through all over the world. Honestly sometimes I feel sorry for these girls, my heart aches for them. If only people didn't want to learn the hard way. I will continue to watch 16 and Pregnant until it ends. I use to watch it all the time on Tuesdays but lately I have been working at DISH in the evenings. So usually I watch all my shows on the computer, since I use DISH Online on a regular basis. I really hope the best for these young teens.


well u need to shut ur mouth vcause just because she was trying her cheer outfit doesnt mean that u have to be mean heather and kae...... P.S. and to let u know MIHO this show is a really good show cause this will teach your kids not to get PREGNANT. i would let my kid watch it so u need to just let them watch i. i know im not ur boss and im not rasing your child just saying that it might help your children or child....


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I hope that this show is PREVENTING kids from having unprotected sex and not promoting it, thinking that if they do get pregnant that they are a shoe-in for this show and easy money! Honestly, this show makes me sick!


LOL she tried the outfit on simply to see if it fit, not to cheer lol


I dont watch these shows but the preview of her in her cheerleading outfit made me cringe. Like get a grip kid, those days are long gone. Just eye opening, shes all bouncy and clueless like it supposed to be cute, when all it is, is sad.