Willow Smith Shaves Her Head!

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Dear Will Smith and Jada Smith: please stop fighting and keep a better eye on your daughter. Look what happens otherwise...

Willow Smith Bald

Indeed, 11-year old Willow Smith took to her WhoSay account last night and posted a photo of herself, head newly shaven, taken at a ballet class. She included the caption, "Dance your feelings out..."

Why make such a drastic move? Willow's stylist, Rob Zangardi, simply tells Us Weekly: "She is young, edgy, and individual."

So much for whipping her hair all around.

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Ok this is jst sick!!!!! I guess her popularity got to her


Friggin ugly. Shes as nutty as her parents.


I think it is awesome if someone wants there own styl they should do it + she is herself don't judge its not amarican idol ......... serieously haters back offfffff


Now she really does looks like her brother or is that Jadan?


I understand her cutting her off come on people Will & Jade should set some boundaries with her.she 11 & and 16,17,18.there should be some lines drawn in her life.


So sick!!!!!!

Team me

I think she looks beautiful.
Lots of people are shaving their heads these days... Kesha shaved half of her head.
She looks good. Don't hate.


it would have been nice if she had done it for a good reason like idk cancer fundraiser or something?


I agree "dance your feelings out..." Who cares if she decides to shave her head everyone has their own individuality she doesn't have to impress anyone just keep herself happy


This is a gossip.