Willow Smith Shaves Her Head!

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Dear Will Smith and Jada Smith: please stop fighting and keep a better eye on your daughter. Look what happens otherwise...

Willow Smith Bald

Indeed, 11-year old Willow Smith took to her WhoSay account last night and posted a photo of herself, head newly shaven, taken at a ballet class. She included the caption, "Dance your feelings out..."

Why make such a drastic move? Willow's stylist, Rob Zangardi, simply tells Us Weekly: "She is young, edgy, and individual."

So much for whipping her hair all around.

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I think its awkward for de lil star to shave her hair. But if shez okay with it & her parents then who are we???..... Do your thing willow!!


Can. Guyz jus stp pls man shez jus a lil girl but I do hav 2 admit she is quite up herself.but that's jus her who she is nd no 1 can chnge it btw that bald look isn't quite bad sooo bug off


OH PUH-LEASE, we all knew she was gonna do this sometime! Willow likes to keep things new and fresh so leave her alone, but it may be too much too fast...Will and Jada are great parents DO NOT question their parenting unless you personally know them. And Willow is NOT a lesbian!!! Let her hold on to the child she has left before she makes a sexuality decision. Geez!


i dont think that you should shave your head girl because the next thing you know you are being followed even more by paparazzi girl so dont do it im begging you for your health and safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I get that this post is supposed to be focusing on the fact that she shaved her head, but am I the only one who can't wrap her head around the fact that she has a stylist, haha!?!?!? She's 11 years old, for Christ's sake. And yes I realize she has extremely famous parents and released one seriously irritating song, but is that really enough for an 11 year old child to warrant her old stylist?


So what who cares


I hope that Willow donated her *famous (Whip my Hair) locks to a local charity. It would be a shame to bare it all and leave the prize on the *cutting room floor. PEACE!!


I agree with 67! Why the hell are people pinning sexuality on children! They have young pure minds! Let them be innocent for the few years they have to be.


@Aprilbaby.... So I guess all women with cancer are closet lesbians? Bad weave, shave off? Wearing males clothing? You see how ignorant that comment could be? No one can distinguished a lesbian from the above. A preteen shaved off her hair, good for her. This is not rebellious or if it was I'd take it over a million other things. She has a new album and how better to get attention from the press than shave her head. Good for her.


how many times have we wished to shave our heads? It has crossed everyone's mind at least once in a lifetime right? & how many of us have had the guts to do it? Not many. She has guts. And plus theres also wigs & weaves.