Whitney Houston Funeral Live Stream: Watch, Mourn Now

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Family and close friends are currently gathered inside New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, paying their final respects to Whitney Houston.

Those in attendance include Kevin Costner, Aretha Franklin (who will NOT be singing, after all, due an illness), Stevie Wonder, (who WILL be singing) Revs. Jessie Jackson and Clive Davis and many more.

The Associated Press is live streaming the event, which we've posted below. Say your final goodbye to Houston by watching the event now:


R.i.p We will live to remember you Whitney.it lives us in pain & tears but you have gone to were we are all destined to.


I am absolutely appalled that the AP would seize on this event to run advertising for ANYONE at all. Is this REALLY the venue for which to try to sell your wares? You bunch of stupid people. You have written it in stone that I will now never own the Mazda RX-8 that I wanted, that I will never purchase another item manufactured by SCJohnson, that I will never purchase Dannon yogurt, and that I especially will not patronize the new NBC series Awake. If these advertisers cannot show anymore respect for Whitney Houston, or anyone for that matter, then I have no use for your products. Screw you all!


@ Richard. I agree-- it's not anything "festive." Such is the attitude of our media and our culture of "fun," that is, not taking anything seriously or appropriately. Don't get me started-- people think everything deserves a day off from work, school, or whatever. Of course, at least this is a Saturday. However, don't go criticizing Yahoo usage when you have published a couple of real gems yourself: discrase??? [disgrace] servie?? [service] someones? [someone's] through??? [threw] remeber? [remember]


"watch the festivities."
Are you kidding. That is not the word to use. This is a funeral service not a festival. Again Yahoo and internet writers do not know how to write. This is discrase. I started to watch and less than thirty seconds into the servie they started an ad for a book on motherhood. That is classless to do when streaming a funeral service. WOW just when I though the media services could not get any worse you stoup to an all time new low. You butcher the English language and never tell the truth. Then you try to make a buck on someones death Huston was a great singer who through her life away. This should be a lesson to those who think about using drugs.
Any day one of God's children dies is a sad day. Her music will live on and we will always remeber her with sadness.


R.i p Whitney Houston u will be miss so much.to hear you sing,laugh or just speak the truth has been such a blessing to us all.my heart goes out to the family.and to her baby grl keep ur head up n go on with ur life n live ur life to the fullest like ur mother would have wanted for u.cry if you must but dont get stuck there cause there is so much of life u must live.i love u all my brothers n sisters.......my Whitney be at peace n rest n Gods arm where u shall be safe,n have no more pain or worries.