Whitney Houston Funeral Coverage: Sold to Benefit Bobbi Kristina

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Based on her reaction to her mother's death - a pair of hospitalizations and rumored drug use - it's no surprise that the family of Whitney Houston is concerned over the emotional well-being of Bobbi Kristina Brown.

But a rep for the family now confirms they are worried about her financial well-being, as well.

Stevie Wonder at Whitney's Funeral

On Saturday afternoon, The Associated Press provided a live feed of the funeral in Newark, one that was posted by countless websites (including THG). However, we were required to take down the video within 24 hours and this is why:

The family has "agreed to license footage to several media outlets," an insider tells TMZ, adding that the Houstons are charging "customary fees" to ... "help maximize the estate for the benefit of Bobbi Kristina."

The ceremony lasted for a couple hours and included performances by Stevie Wonder (above), Alicia Keys, R. Kelly and a beautiful eulogy by Kevin Costner.


While I can easily understand concern for Bobbi Kristina, this young lady may be more resilient than we are allowing *ourselves to acknowledge. At the age of 78, I am more concerned about Mrs. Houston.
It is my understanding that it is very difficult for a parent to lose a child (regardless of the age). After a death, there are so many people around that you can loose yourself in making them comfortable, but after the services and everybody have gone back to their lives, that is when the emotional flow of sadness can begin. Faith and prayer continues to play a major part in our everyday lives. PEACE!!


I think they should make a BROADWAY MUSICAL from this "funeral"?


I think they should make a BROADWAY MUSICAL out of this funeral???


It's sad, but hopefully more people will do somethong, instead of just talk about those who are affected by the, very real, diseaese of addiction. Peace to Whitney...and much love to Bobbi Kris, Bobby Brown, family & friends.


WHAT?? they said she inherited millions, why does she need that money?? GEEZZ


I would guess that it was a "Wise" business decision!!

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