Whitney Houston Death May Have Been Caused By Prescription Drug Overdose, Drowning

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Prescription drugs were present at the scene of Whitney Houston's tragic death, and it's possible the star drowned in the bathtub, according to reports.

No illegal drugs have been found in the hotel room where a member of the legendary singer's entourage found Whitney Houston dead on Saturday.

When EMTs arrived, Whitney's body was already removed from the bathtub.

It will take an autopsy to determine if she overdosed, drowned or died from some other cause. The medical examination is scheduled to take place imminently.

Whitney Houston Photo

Beverly Hills police officers found various pill bottles in Houston's room at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, where she died yesterday at the age of 48.

There was no evidence that Whitney was drinking alcohol in the room.

Houston's body was removed from the room on a gurney and sent to the morgue for an autopsy to determine the official medical cause of death.

Paramedics performed CPR on the singer when alerted to her unresponsiveness but it did not work. She was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m.

Our sources say there were no obvious signs of foul play, but a full investigation is ongoing. Whitney's body was ID'ed by family and friends.

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@carl... Wow! So u don't think famous white people use drugs?? Tht amazes me!


I.smith...if that made you feel better thats cool..seems as if ur angry.. I refuse to entertain ignorance.. As I stated i'm bi-racial and this whole race thing has spun out of control! Drugs don't come with a specific race period! Its sad that people really feel this way. EVERY RACE has drug addicts... EVERY RACE has people who ACCEPT OR DECLINE drug usage in their communities... I'm jst not sure how BLACKS were pulled out of it??


so sad but it was her time and no other so let us mourn the pop queen as left the building R.I.P whitney baby we'l miss u


@Courtneyj6 it is about race. you don't see celine dion or barbra streisand doing drugs. whitney was practically forced into it since drugs are socially acceptable in black culture. just like rap. could you imagine if whitney ever said she hated rap? she would be an outcast.


R.I.P Witney Houston. p.s Ms.D, shut the hell up.


DAMN! Someone always has to turn it into a race thing or talk shit about drug use..you have no clue what went on in her life..just as i dont which means no one should pass judgement. For once in your pathetic lives shut the hell up and let her rest in peace and let her family mourn without the added bullshit of ignorant fucks like you who don't know how to be anything but cold hearted low lifes. Rest in peace whitney, your family is in our prays..


Whitney was my all time fave, i will truly miss her, i have her in my heart! R.I.P whitney! A legend gone but not forgotten, u will live on in ur true fans heart! Love you & dpread ur wings & fly, ur an angel now, sing to the lord & know that u'll forever be missed!


Whitney has abused drugs for several years and she just f ked up killed herself this time..
I do like her and I will miss her too.... not like that little boy lover-abuser Michel Jackson..


Sad and tragic but hasn't been relevant for 15 years. We seem to criticize and forget celebs when they drop off the covers of magazines, create joke about them, and mock them.... But when they die, people act like they were the greatest --whatever- of all time.
Who here can honestly say they gave any thought to Whitney's drug problem on Friday?
M. Jackson couldn't sell out a concert for 20 years, couldn't be talked about without mentioning little boys or changing skin color- the he dies and he's the greatest thing ever. Stop it! MJ was a boy lover, Whitney was an addict and neither one was in our thoughts for YEARS... until they died.


I did not no u personally, Whitney but I admired u so much. U were truly a beautiful person. I'm witte but your skin tone was like warm honey. Brown and tan r my favorite colors. I'm a diabetic to and I no any of us can go into a diabetic coma n our sleep drugs r not. People can b jealous of others and say bad things but they can't hurt u now. U will be nd the hall of fame and I pray GOD is wiping away every tear. I love your song I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. MY HUSBAND AND I BOTH MOURNED YOUR LOSS. R.I.P. COLOR blind white woman. (: