Whitney Houston Death May Have Been Caused By Prescription Drug Overdose, Drowning

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Prescription drugs were present at the scene of Whitney Houston's tragic death, and it's possible the star drowned in the bathtub, according to reports.

No illegal drugs have been found in the hotel room where a member of the legendary singer's entourage found Whitney Houston dead on Saturday.

When EMTs arrived, Whitney's body was already removed from the bathtub.

It will take an autopsy to determine if she overdosed, drowned or died from some other cause. The medical examination is scheduled to take place imminently.

Whitney Houston Photo

Beverly Hills police officers found various pill bottles in Houston's room at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel, where she died yesterday at the age of 48.

There was no evidence that Whitney was drinking alcohol in the room.

Houston's body was removed from the room on a gurney and sent to the morgue for an autopsy to determine the official medical cause of death.

Paramedics performed CPR on the singer when alerted to her unresponsiveness but it did not work. She was pronounced dead at 3:55 p.m.

Our sources say there were no obvious signs of foul play, but a full investigation is ongoing. Whitney's body was ID'ed by family and friends.

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T jones

Anything is possible and anything can be made to look like that's a possibility. If there's a shred of integrity involving Ms. Houston's death, we will know exactly how Ms. Houston died. Maybe she fell asleep in the bathtub; someone came in and just slid her in the bathwater. Or perhaps, someone watched and waited until she passed out from the medication and pushed her in then. OR!! Someone watched her fall asleep in the bathtub and watched slid down into the bathwater, waited until Ms. Houston died, and then went for help! There also needs to be an investigation pertaining to what Ms. Houston's worth is if she is dead. And who would gain the most from her death. Now, that's just me! I just was puttin’ it out there!!


not to acknowledge the influence of music,tv,magazines and peers have on our youth is CRAZY.Tv now teaches to be disrespectful to adults and oh my,has anyone noticed all the sex.I mean not long ago I seen a beautiful little girl(like 10 or 12)possing in sexual posses and clothes in Vouge.A sexual pred dream.Music the same sex, drugs, and hate.If the adults would act like responsible adults with integrity and morals.How many people know the meaning of those words now days.Then I bet their would be less addictions less suicide and less unfortunate deaths by overdose.PEOPLE ACCEPT RESPINSIBILITY FOR CHOICES YOU MAKE AND IF YOU CANT HANDLE THE POSSIBLE CONSIQUANCE DONT MAKE THE CHIOCE.yes God forgives,lets not forget,we are to repent from our sin.REPENT IS TO TURN AWAY AND NOT TO RETURN.


RIP Ms. Houston, You are at peace now and do not have to deal with ignorant people like some of these fools on this page.


@YOU MADE ME: I'll bet you bought your children THEIR music and THEIR clothing and taught them THEIR language or at least didn't stop them from talking THEIR way... BTY, I think it's time to stop this kind of dialogue. God Bless You All...


AMP: You said it best! RIP Whitney!


@old school white guy...My dumb youth children wanted me to tell you it is THEIR music, THEIR clothing and THEIR language. Don't lump all young people together. School is out. Peace.


To the family of Whitney your family is in my prays.. Stop this is not about race. This is about a young singer who made bad mistakes.. God forgives us of our sins..She will be with her father an looking over her family..let her rest inpeace....God Bless All....


Generally speaking- It is indeed amazing as to what degree a young girl will go to in order to seek approval & popularity. They live in the moment and are submersed in the valley of instant gratification. They have no clue as to the corner they have backed themselves into until they have all but destroyed their reputations. As far as Whit? I don't need no Documentary or auto biography. I was there from the " Who is that"? on TV. She was bound and determined to brush up against " Thug Life" to complete herself with the "Bad Boy" attachment and she got bit! Can't tell you the amount of times that I saw a camera and microphone in front of her when her peeps pulled her away just as she was about to say something stupid. To package this tragedy without using this as example to others is a disservice in itself. Hopefully young folks will learn. This woman was the most complete package in Decades & she was used.


Why are you people using her death as a forum for airing you own political belief. She was a addicted to drugs and they killed her. Quit using her as your own "bully pulpit" to deliver your warped social agenda. Have some respect


@YOU MADE ME: I didn't say I was a Whitney Houston fan, I was just acknowledging her skills. It seems 537 and I are the only ones on the same wave lengthen about what's going on with today's youth and yes it is about the youth, they are messed up, there music, there clothing and there language. Whitney was a role model whether she like it or not. We are all role models in life and everyone we come in contact with is watching our actions, so make them count for the good. I will assume Whitney was doing her best but lost the battle when push came to shove.