Whitney Houston Dead at 48

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Whitney Houston, one of the most successful female artists of all-time, died at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel today. She was 48.

The singer's rep confirmed the news this evening to The Associate Press, with insiders saying a member of Houston's entourage discovered her body late in the afternoon; a hotel employee called 911; and paramedics arrived to find Whitney unresponsive.

She was pronounced dead at 3:55 local time.

Beverly Hill Police Lt. Mark Rosen said there was "no obvious signs of criminal intent," though no cause of death has been determined and detectives have already started a full investigation.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Houston leaves behind a daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

The two-time Emmy and six-time Grammy Award winner sold over 200 million albums worldwide. She had battled alcohol and drug addiction - last seeking treatment in early 2011 - for many years prior to her death and was spotted out twice in Los Angeles over the last week, first with occasional boyfriend Ray J and then with a pal on Thursday night.

Whitney was staying at the hotel in anticipation of Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy party, which was scheduled to take place there that night.

Our thoughts go out to her loved ones and, in her honor, we present the greatest national anthem performance in professional sports history:

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@Reed, you are correct, this problem with death due to drug use will happen again, unless the entire population (including the BLACK community) start saying no to drugs. blacks need to call the police on their fellow black drug dealers. whitney was too good a talent to die this way. love goes out to her beautiful daughter, who now only has drug user bobby brown to turn to. disgusting what bobby brown did to whitney.


Hard to beleave one of the greastest female pop/R&B singers has gone home to be with the Lord!.. My prayers goes out to the her family.. And most of all her lil girl Bobby Kristina.. Pray she gets through this tring time in her life and progress to be a the best that she can, knowing her mother loved her so very much. That was Whitneys world.. I know BK will make her mommy proud in spirt her mother watches over her. R.I.P. Whitney.. God have another plan for u now.. We will meet on high. We Luv U!!!


Tears and Cheers Whitney. This is really sad. Never met you but miss you and very sad your gone. I used to dream being your lover as a young woman. I used to dream you
Singing. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU ! To me. You wil be truly missed but greatly remembered forever.
Glad your finally at PEACE WHITNEY !
Please be my angel and sleep and sing with all other angels. God must need you now. You go girl!


We miss u so so much. May ur soul rest in peace Amen./413*#/


I blame the black community for Whitney's decline. She was a pop superstar at the start of her career, but blacks kept telling her she was "selling out", and "wasn't black enough". So she married the blackest ass out there, Bobby Brown, started doing drugs (so prevalent in black culture), singing unpopular R&B crap, and so started the start of her decline. If the black community would have shut up and let her shine, she would still be here. The world has lost an incredible talent.


RIP Whitney, you will be greatly missed.


RIPP rest in perfect peace whitney the whole world is going to miss you but I'm sure God needed you more than we do deep condolences to her family mostly her lil girl you are not alone God is with you we've all lost a legend in the music industry!!!!!


This no tym to start aportonin blame coz every1 has his or own pasts.my Happnes is dat,she has bin acquitted of her sins n she has gon 2rest. She,s nt dead but sleepn 2b woken up by God in his memory. Remba all u lovers of her dat she repented wen she came bak frm Rehabilitation center diaby releasin d Album"I LOOK UP TO U" she lukd up 2God b4 her extinction so dia4 she,s stil lives in God. My condolence 2her family n my advice 2her daught is dat,she shuld b focused in life n learn frm d mistakes of odas so as to succeed in life. Best wishes for u KRISTIN


R.I.P whitney!ur love songs will always remind me of you!kwaheri (goodbye) is the only swahili word i can say


How sad is it i mean we'll miss such a big name in da musiq industry r i p Houston