Whitney Houston Dead at 48

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Whitney Houston, one of the most successful female artists of all-time, died at the Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel today. She was 48.

The singer's rep confirmed the news this evening to The Associate Press, with insiders saying a member of Houston's entourage discovered her body late in the afternoon; a hotel employee called 911; and paramedics arrived to find Whitney unresponsive.

She was pronounced dead at 3:55 local time.

Beverly Hill Police Lt. Mark Rosen said there was "no obvious signs of criminal intent," though no cause of death has been determined and detectives have already started a full investigation.

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

Houston leaves behind a daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

The two-time Emmy and six-time Grammy Award winner sold over 200 million albums worldwide. She had battled alcohol and drug addiction - last seeking treatment in early 2011 - for many years prior to her death and was spotted out twice in Los Angeles over the last week, first with occasional boyfriend Ray J and then with a pal on Thursday night.

Whitney was staying at the hotel in anticipation of Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy party, which was scheduled to take place there that night.

Our thoughts go out to her loved ones and, in her honor, we present the greatest national anthem performance in professional sports history:


J webster who cares what u think.have some sympathy and shut the hell up.




I will not argue that Whitney Houston had a fantastic singing voice and was extremely talented. I do however blame her for me having to put up almost every female singer after her trying to imitate her singing style. I blame Whitney Houston for having to sit through every female singer butchering the National Anthem as they try to emulate Whitney. I blame Whitney Houston for the demise of today's female singer. And don't get me started on Eddie Vetter.


R.I.P Whitney you will be missed you had great songs ok maybe its your habits that killed you but maybe not and we dont have the right to say bad stuff shes dead so just try to say something nice people ok?


Does anyone know if the cornor checked for Anti-freeze. According to reports as little as 1 tsp of Anti-freeze can kill a person and is hard to detect.


we dont know she passed away due to drugs or anything right now, i truly wish ppl would stop saying she did. God needed an angel so he took her. PPL always want to think something neg of a person. She loved god an fought the demons, an i pray ppl let her rest in peace.

T jones

Yes, yes! That was the lovely Ms. Houston!


I have something else that I wanna say. Sadly, now that Whitney is gone, Bobbi Kristina now only has one parent left...that despicable and disgusting Bobby Brown. As far as I'm concerned, over the years, Bobby was nothing but an emotional enabler and a very negative influence on Whitney. Just like ALL of those lowlife drug dealers that sold drugs to Whitney and those people in Whitney's so-called entourage. Entourages...which I TRULY HATE!!! I feel so sorry for Bobbi Kristina for having a lowlife and thug like Bobby Brown for a father. And, I felt so bad for Whitney's mom Miss Cissy when she had to (back in the day) put up with that JACKASS Bobby Brown as her SORRY-ASS son-in-law. REST IN PEACE WHITNEY!!!!! WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!!! Amen.


my heart goes out to her daughter and mother i know how it feels to lose a child/daughter i just which what ever the case was that she would of trusr GOD more he would never never leave you God bless you whinety we will miss you norfol virginia


A great majority of (non-social) drug users, those who abuse drugs & are addicted do so to mask something deep within. Drugs are used to mask inner pain & turmoil; they are an escape. Those of you making comments blaming certain people, or entire groups of people for this tragedy have no clue about WHY a person starts to use in the first place. It's to escape. Stop making Whitney Houston's passing so cut &dry, as if you know how she felt throughout her life.

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