Whitney Houston Cause of Death: Prescription Drugs and Alcohol, Family Told

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The official results of an autopsy performed on Whitney Houston yesterday will not be released for weeks.

But sources tell TMZ the family of this legend has been informed by the coroner's office that Houston died from a lethal mixture of prescription pills, most notably Xanax, and alcohol.

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As previously confirmed, Houston was found unresponsive in her hotel room bathtub on Saturday afternoon and new reports identity the singer's aunt, Mary Jones, as the individual who found her there and administered CPR on the bathroom floor.

However, officials have told the family Whitney likely died prior to being submerged, as there was not enough water in the artist's lungs to cite drowning as the cause of death.

At last night's Grammy Awards, meanwhile, host LL Cool J led the audience in a prayer for Houston, while Jennifer Hudson later paid emotional tribute to the icon via a rendition of "I Will Always Love You."


I don't believe the Icon died from Xanax & alcohol..I know a lot of people that pop hella Xanax & drink for years,& they're still alive. We will never know the truth.


I am in total shock. I LOVE Whitney beyond belief. I had one wish in my life, and it was to meet Whitney. Now I will never have that opportunity. My heart aches for Whitney, Bobbi Christina, Bobby Brown, & the entire families involved. No matter what was printed up, in a negative manner about Whitney, she always had a special place in my heart. The kind of love I have for Whitney will never go away. I feel sick, can't sleep, & I wish this was a bad dream. I wish I can just hold Bobbi Christina, & tell her just how much her Mom mean to me. God makes no mistakes, but it's so hard for me to except. I think I need counseling. I can't get over this.


Ok you guys!! Everyone is sad but we should move on.. R.I.P Whitney Houston..!!* you will be missed by a lot of people.. Hope you had a GR8 life.. Love you.. From: Elanje..


stop speculating and being so drama! the investigation is not all over. what they found in her body was xanax and booze. well this is what we could expect from a week's worth off partying tinseltown style and a user/abuser! that combination will make one drown in a tub. sadly whitney went from hard drugs to soft ones...booze, nicotine and pills! it also explains her outrageous attitude and behavior. face it, she was not just this cute little girl with the golden voice!


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What sources, those are rumors and I hate the media for this. There have been NO released statements so this needs to stop. This is like sources saying Aretha Franklin had cancer and she didn't even know the lady who gave the interview to the press. Let's just wait and see what really happened. She is someone's child, mother, sister, daughter and aunt, friend, etc.......


Having been there and dome it myself I can tell you that there's more than one way to die of addiction that just o.d.ing You can drown in a bathtub or crack your skull open in a shower.


Wait...earlier they said there was no alcohol bottles found in the room. Also, she was completely alone?? So she mixed pills and booze, the booze BEFORE she drew the bath BEFORE she was in her room and then slipped away? I wonder if this is the first person on scene did a coverup.........Out of all of this I feel bad for her daughter. She seems to be an impressionable young lady and my heart breaks everytime they publish those headlines.

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