Whitney Houston Cause of Death: Prescription Drugs and Alcohol, Family Told

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The official results of an autopsy performed on Whitney Houston yesterday will not be released for weeks.

But sources tell TMZ the family of this legend has been informed by the coroner's office that Houston died from a lethal mixture of prescription pills, most notably Xanax, and alcohol.

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As previously confirmed, Houston was found unresponsive in her hotel room bathtub on Saturday afternoon and new reports identity the singer's aunt, Mary Jones, as the individual who found her there and administered CPR on the bathroom floor.

However, officials have told the family Whitney likely died prior to being submerged, as there was not enough water in the artist's lungs to cite drowning as the cause of death.

At last night's Grammy Awards, meanwhile, host LL Cool J led the audience in a prayer for Houston, while Jennifer Hudson later paid emotional tribute to the icon via a rendition of "I Will Always Love You."


Go rest with the Angeles. Rip Whitney. U will be missed. We love you. Thank. U for all the music u made over the years.


Rip Whitney Houston .. you be missed go rest with angels we all love u..


she will be missed i'm 59 and i've always love her music especially her version of " I will always love you" my song to my husband Robert


I'm 59 and i loved whitney's music especially her version of I will always love you which is my song to my husband for so many reasons she will be missed by all


I love u Whitney and only God knows what happened. R.I.P u will always be in my heart (tears) to the Daughter I love you keep God in your life u r beautiful and God will strengthen u and your Fly be Blessed love....


it's very easy 2 say oh she died from drugs and alcohol without knowin the truth just so u can make up a story 2 tell and get paid big money off of whitney passing.i think it's so sad 2 be speculating and making it out like she was just a junky.stop dragging her name through the mud just 2 get paid


I feel so bad for her daughter poor girl only 19 and i do not think this was intentional it was a tragic accident and may she rest in peace and may her daughter find a way to make it thru this difficult time


she is gone.........doent matter how or why....its just sad as hell.........she was great.........NO MATTER WHAT KILLED HER...........TRY TO REMEMBER THAT......NOT THE SCANDAL


I do understand why everyone is saying that it was from xanax and booze..no one knows yet. Yes it was found in the room but that does not mean that is what happened. We won't know for weeks when the tests come back. This is just the media speculating. and to quinn's comment, just because you know people who did xanax and booze and are still alive does not mean you cant die from it..it all depends on how much you take and how much you drink.


@Quinn..... Thank you. Geez who the heck takes Xanax, Midol, Advil and antibiotics with the intent of OD'ing? The first two are a bad combo but I really think this was an accident.

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