Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Creator on Kate Upton: Not Impressed!

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Plenty of people are impressed by Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover. The shot-callers at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show are not among them.

It's unclear when and how the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show became a paragon of class, but evidently, it considers itself as much ... and is not enamored with Kate.

"We would never, ever use [Kate Upton]," Sophia Neophitou, a stylist, fashion editor and the brains behind the Victoria's Secret event told the New York Times.

Kate Upton Picture

"She's like a Page 3 girl," she said, referring to the scantily clad voluptuous women featured in The Sun, a London tabloid. "She's like a footballer's wife."

"The too-blond hair, that kind of face anyone with money can go out and buy."


Apparently SI disagrees, choosing her as 2012's swimsuit edition cover girl. To her credit, Upton makes no pretense of being fashionable or elegant.

"What can I say?" she told the Times. "I'm relatable."

One big reason to relate to the 19-year-old is her figure. Unlike the majority of rail thin runway models you see, Upton's measurements are a healthy 36-25-34.

Is any guy not loving the SI cover featuring Kate? If she's not gaunt or "exotic" enough for VS, that's their loss. We'll take this all-American girl the way she is any day.

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So tired of worn out looking Victoria Secret Models! There models all look like prunes. Good job Sports Illustrated. Here's to healthy looking! Bravo SportsIllustrated!


The VSFS is going downhill anyway. Never did I consider VS as "classy", but I would have to admit that they had more taste in choosing their previous models i.e. Isabeli Fontana, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bündchen, Tyra Banks, and (though she's still there) Adriana Lima. Those girls looked like goddesses and, to me, were a vision of health and beauty.
The fact that a waif like Karlie Kloss was allowed on the runway in the most recent VSFS just shows that they're all about skinny girls now, which is a shame.
Miss Upton is gorgeous the way she is. I hope she doesn't let Neophitou's comments get to her and pressure her into losing weight. We need more voluptuous models like her.


I'd like to see a picture of Sophia in a bikini next to Kate and poll a "Who would you rather..."I'm pretty sure Kate would win! For her to make those comments is petty and it's comments like those that make women seem catty and jealous. Kate is beautiful. If you wouldn't use her in a VS fashion show, who cares? Keep your rude, insignificant comments to yourself.


Kate looks normal. Evidently normal is intimidating or just plain scary to the fashion and/or media world. It only shows these people have become prisoners of their own ideology that women have to walk this tightrope of physical image to be acceptable and deemed beautiful. No. They're ideal is not the last word! And the public shouldn't be so gullible as to swallow their fashion dictates whole!