Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Creator on Kate Upton: Not Impressed!

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Plenty of people are impressed by Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover. The shot-callers at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show are not among them.

It's unclear when and how the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show became a paragon of class, but evidently, it considers itself as much ... and is not enamored with Kate.

"We would never, ever use [Kate Upton]," Sophia Neophitou, a stylist, fashion editor and the brains behind the Victoria's Secret event told the New York Times.

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"She's like a Page 3 girl," she said, referring to the scantily clad voluptuous women featured in The Sun, a London tabloid. "She's like a footballer's wife."

"The too-blond hair, that kind of face anyone with money can go out and buy."


Apparently SI disagrees, choosing her as 2012's swimsuit edition cover girl. To her credit, Upton makes no pretense of being fashionable or elegant.

"What can I say?" she told the Times. "I'm relatable."

One big reason to relate to the 19-year-old is her figure. Unlike the majority of rail thin runway models you see, Upton's measurements are a healthy 36-25-34.

Is any guy not loving the SI cover featuring Kate? If she's not gaunt or "exotic" enough for VS, that's their loss. We'll take this all-American girl the way she is any day.


Seriously she's not good enough? Wow way to make me feel even worse about myself. This girl is beautiful and the fact that she has a face that you might see on an average girl just makes her prettier. She is rateable and I'm happy she's not perfect. She is gorgeous as is and I hope she stays humble about the situation and doesn't feel a need to change. I look up to her I want to be beautiful without being all "fake" and perfect as well.


I think its funny that the people usually degrading others, like this, aren't attractive themselves so who are they to judge what is or isn't beautiful! Hollywood is its own little world & rarely ever even relates to everyday society so who cares what they think! Id like to see Sophia pose like this & let everyone critique her every flaw, since she seems to think shes so much better!


Wow is right, Skinny- Minny. Is everyone in this world a critic? This girl is beautiful! who gives a rats a$$ what someone from Victoria's secret says? Not every one of their models is gorgeous or even has a good healthy looking body. I dont see them as being classy like this person from the fashion show is trying to be. screw them. cuz not every woman in the world is sickly thin.


a good model is one who is real. one who doesnt base their diet on skin to bone regiments. vs models are beautiful but it is unhealthy to be that tiny. i am glad that si put kate on the cover. she is healthy, real, and something attainable that doesnt push women to their death beds. good. vs can be mad all they want.i hope si pushes them clean out the water.


She isn't anything to get excited about that is for sure, but then again any woman who has to use her body to get attention may not be worth(not in the sense of $$$)much anyway! Sorry!


Maybe it's because she has no fake body parts...


Wow. I can't believe all the hate towards this woman. She's on the cover. You are not.


I was surprised she made the cover of Sports Illustrated. It is refreshing however to see a 19 year old whose boobs sag....


a footballers wife WHAT IS THAT?? An insult to all professional athletes.. She is beautiful and Hollywood stats are becoming ridiculous! Everyone is way too caught up in looks.. Get over yourself!


"a footballe"s wife" WHAT IS THAT?? An insult to all professional athletes.. She is beautiful and Hollywood stats are becoming ridiculous! Everyone is way too caught up in looks.. Get over yourself!

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