Victoria Gotti Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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After last week's premiere saw Cheryl Tiegs fired and Victoria Gotti narrowly escape, in the opening moments of last night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice, she said:

"It's on."

Gotti added, "Women will turn on you quicker than a jackrabbit. No problem. In fact, bring it on." That they did, and she ended up getting the chop Sunday night.

Victoria Gotti Picture

Most of the women ended up turning on Gotti during a Medieval Times challenge.

After copious amounts of screaming, fighting and a broken finger (Dee Snider's), the men's decision to go with star power over plot worked in their favor as they won the challenge and received thunderous applause from the audience.

The women ended up showing more skin than they originally intended and despite Aubrey O'Day's best Snooki impression, it was back to the boardroom.

Lisa Lampanelli was spared as Gotti's stage-directing mishaps, inability to pull it together and threat to quit that had Donald Trump sending her home.


Lisa was after Victoria Gotti from day one. A project manager DOES NOT assign a task to a person who tells her she is unable to do such a task well. Lisa was a bad project manager who intimidated her teammates and blamed everyone else for her own shortcomings. She is abusive and disturbed and will bring her team down until they dump her. Ms. Gotti was given a no-participation task, told like a child how "important" it was, was put down constantly by Lisa, and made to feel like an outcast. She did not threaten to quit but took Lisa aside and said that perhaps she should join the men's team as a way to show Lisa, who was deaf to what she said, how estranged she was made to feel by Lisa's inappropriate behavior towards her. How was Trump so blind as to not see Lisa's viciousness? As for "Mr. Medieval", AX MURDERERS have "PASSION". Misdirected passion is useless when possessed by a disturbed vicious jealous female such as Lisa.


I feel as though Victoria Gotti should definitely have gone last nite....Since the 1rst show, she's had a bad attitude, never smiled, and just because her father was John Gotti, she gave me the impresssion that she's this bad ass of a woman....i'm personally glad she's gone....never liked her, never will....the next to go has to be that idiot Aubrey O'Day....a no talent bitch who thinks she's all that, and is basically a stupid broad...Lisa Lampanelli is tough, and speaks her mind, and i think she will go far in this competition, maybe i'm wrong, but i think she is very strong willed....the 2 woman i cannot stand is that Patricia The spanish chic, and the so-called beauty queen Miss Universe....ugh....


I agree with 'ugh'!! I only have access to a chanel that airs The Apprentice later in the week, so i am not able to watch the show live.... You guys have ruind the results of the show for me for the first two week it has been on this season.... please use spoiler alerts/post the results after a link... you are great at doing that for other shows, why not this one??? It ruins the whole show for us, as not only do we know who leaves, but who looses the task!


Radar-please stop putting results of shows like this in the headlines! Please be respectful for those who have to record the show and watch it the next day or later in the week and wish not to know whats going to happen before they see it. Its called spoiler alerts. Please use them. Thank you.


Victoria should have not been fired at all if anyone should have , the leader, or the red hair gal . I'm not watching it any more . I been watching this show since the being . It was alfull what they did to her .