Victoria Gotti Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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After last week's premiere saw Cheryl Tiegs fired and Victoria Gotti narrowly escape, in the opening moments of last night's episode of Celebrity Apprentice, she said:

"It's on."

Gotti added, "Women will turn on you quicker than a jackrabbit. No problem. In fact, bring it on." That they did, and she ended up getting the chop Sunday night.

Victoria Gotti Picture

Most of the women ended up turning on Gotti during a Medieval Times challenge.

After copious amounts of screaming, fighting and a broken finger (Dee Snider's), the men's decision to go with star power over plot worked in their favor as they won the challenge and received thunderous applause from the audience.

The women ended up showing more skin than they originally intended and despite Aubrey O'Day's best Snooki impression, it was back to the boardroom.

Lisa Lampanelli was spared as Gotti's stage-directing mishaps, inability to pull it together and threat to quit that had Donald Trump sending her home.

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I agree that Victoria acted gracefully, whereas that trashy Lisa - no class whatsoever.


Oh please people she looks like a crumpled up miserable person. The puss on her face. She is use to getting her way and what she wants. She did nothing and when she had a task,she couldn't handle it.She can't work.
Well goodbye Victoria,next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with all the people who said Lisa is a bitch!!!! Victoria is a beautiful person and should of not been treated the way she was by that big mouth lisa!!! I will not be watching the show anymore I think it was wrong to let Victoria go. Lisa will have her day!!! I think Victoria was to good to be on the show with a big fat mouth lisa she has more class to be put down that way.


I agree Victoria should have not been fired it was the Project Manager's fault that they had lost..and it was very unfair what
they did to Victoria


It was obvious the Stage Manager(Gotti) did not have the most updated script with changes. Having been in Theatre for over 20 years, the Stage Manager was not at fault for missing lighting cues & sound cues. This was the Project Managers error & a bad one at that! If Mr. Trump fired her because of that comment about joining the men's team, so be it. But even Sir James Lipton knows theatre is the Director & Stage Manager have to be on the same page of the same script.


Jeanette: I agree with you; those women together did a number on Victoria Gotti who has more class in her pinky than all of them put together. Not one of them was brave enough to stand up for Victoria who was totally innocent and did nothing wrong. How can you fight for yourself under those circumstances? I am disappointed that a disturbed jealous Lisa was able to get rid of the only woman strong enough to stand up to her. The other women are already afraid of Lisa, not Victoria. Ms. Gotti wouldn't stoop to the level of pettiness of the other women. She is better than that. This is the first time I've seen Victoria Gotti and I'm impressed by her sweet nature, her intelligence and her self-control. She came across as a beautiful person and a true winner on her own. The remaining women are empty shells compared to her. Other than Ms. Gotti, Mr. Trump picked a sad bunch of female losers for this Apprentice show and I find them all BORING!