Tommy Jordan, North Carolina Dad, Shoots Daughter's Laptop Nine Times Over Facebook Posts

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Tommy Jordan, a North Carolina dad, recently taught his teenage daughter the hard way to show some respect - and that nothing on the Internet is really private.

He pulled out a gun and pumped nine bullets into her laptop - on camera.

When her dad discovered a Facebook rant that she thought she had blocked from him, he decided to respond in a way that will certainly never be forgotten.

Jordan, of Albemarle, N.C., posted this video on YouTube, responding to his daughter Hannah's post, in which she complained about having to do chores:

"I'm not your damn slave," Tommy, who works in IT and discovered the post when adding software to her laptop to upgrade it, read from Hannah's post.

"We have a cleaning lady for a reason."

After continuing to read his 15-year-old's missive, he fired bullets into her computer from a .45 handgun. That's one way to get your point across.

Jordan also addresses Hannah on camera in the video, saying that she can clean up the house and get a new computer if she pays for one herself.

Tommy also noted that Hannah must pay him back for the bullets and software he just installed. Ouch. No laws were broken, and there will be no investigation.

Just the same, the father's actions have sparked controversy and discussion, with some finding it way out of line, and others praising his backbone.

"Maybe a few kids can take something away from this," he wrote on YouTube.

"If you're so disrespectful as to post this kind of thing on Facebook, you're deserving of some tough love. Today, my daughter is getting a dose of tough love."

Tommy Jordan shooting his daughter's laptop:


@just me first i dont find anything childish abt what i said. but its ure opinion after all. it was a retorical question. btw u should know im old enough


@Riley...pretty sure this is you. This 67fu, Duggard site. I enjoyed the Baxter family book, thank you for recommending it. @mysterious girl....your entitled to your opinion but you just acted like you were 12 when you asked Riley if her Dad did something to her. Firearms are a hot topic issue with people.


Listen closely, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE. A gun does not magically shoot random people. All children are wonderful blessings, that being said they also can be a lazy bunch. It was stated this incident would associate violence with her father. No, no it won't. She's mad and embarassed, guarantee it! Do not shelter children from firearms. Some occupations require the use of a firearm and some people use them for home protection. If parents would just discipline little ones....this means the parent that lets their barefoot nonshirt wearing girl run around the Olive Garden screaming, older children wouldn't have as much sass. You must be a parent FIRST and a friend second. Jmo.


what do you guys want him to do? but frowning stickers on the computer, ground her giving her the stern look. that does not work. if the computer was the fathers i say go for it. the only harm is he lost a computer.


@riley i dont think ure right like sneakerbean said the use of the gun itself is wrong. he could have used other way. would u riley accept ure dad 2 do the same thing with u??


@Sneakerbean so what??? Its a what??? Was it used on the kid????? No, so what????? He used a weapon, nobody got hurt, the kid learned a good valuable stop your damn crying!!!


Smh..everybody acts like they are dr phil nowadays..assuming that the child is going to" "fear violence" because her dad shot the laptop blah blah blah..some children nowadays NEED actions that are "over the top" in order to make a laying impression on their young minds. I remember when I thought that I was smarter than my mother when I was growing up too and you know what happened? I was made to pick my own switch out of the yard to be spanked with and I remember a few nintendo games and toys that were destroyed because of my rebellion as well and guess what...i didn't do the same shit twice I can tell you that much...and best of all..i NEVER not once feared my mother for those actions. This dad did something that his grandparents probably did to his dad and what his dad did to him and what more parents should try to do more these days instead of letting their kids disrespect their elders and think that they can do anything they want with no consequences.


Riley, it's the use of the gun! What does that teach a kid regarding anger management. A parent can restrict usage or get rid of the computer as well. The use of a weapon is simply over the top!


@blaize wth??? Out of line for shooting a computer that HE paid for???
What's trowing it out the window going to prove, she'd still be able to get it least he never shoot the daughter instead!!!!
Future more most of today's teenagers a bloody snobs! At least it goes to show that some parents still have control over their kids and its not the other way round!


The father was out of line. While he has every right to take his daughter's laptop away, the way he did it was over the top. I wouldn't have a problem with it if he had just thrown it out the window. My problem is the gun. Parents should never turn to using guns or other lethal weapons to discipline their kids. Number one, it can threaten the kid's sense of safety with their parent. Number two, it makes me think: THIS TIME the target of his violence was just a laptop. But what will it be the next time he loses his temper? It doesn't help that people are praising and defending him. It will probably encourage him to always discipline in aggressive, over the top-ways. It won't surprise me if other parents try to punish their kids in ways that are even more aggressive and over the top, since this man is being defended and praised. It's a scary thought.

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