The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: An Evening at the Improv, OC Style

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On last week's episode, we watched Tamra and Eddie patch up their relationship after a wayward boob grab in Catalina. We also saw Vicki and Alexis awkwardly learn of the newfound friendship Gretchen and Tamra are rekindling at Heather’s painting party.

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    Vikki, I would like to know what Bible you read? I have never known a Bible to say its not okay to talk about sex toys and even worst to still be married to your spouse live in the same house while you are having an open affair in Dons face! Are you crazy? Nothing Biblical about Adultery....hmmmmm


    That new woman on the OC Heather I think that's her name, Be careful Tamara is a snake! Well actually a raccoon with all that eye liner on. She wears way to much make up for her age!


    And Vicki quit acting like a school girl about Tamara and Gretchen being friends. Tamara is still your friend good Lord woman!


    I like Gretchen but Vicki has issues! She's gained weight and looking her age. I know her daughter is going through health issues and I hope everything turns out good for her. Vicki treated Don like crap! Don is a good guy. And Gretchen,you can do better than slade.


    I think Gretchen is scared of Slade. Slade is one of those with nothing left to lose. I am glad to see Gretchen take the high road though in regards to Tamra. She just needs to watch her six. I used to detest Gretchen because I thought her snarky and wrong I was!! It is SLADE who is snarky, unforgiving and snobbish although he has NO reason to be. I do not claim to know these people personally BUT I will say this since they put it all on TEEEVEEE for the world to see. Gretchen, get OUT GIRL!! RUN like a MO-FO!!!! Her parents are awesome people so it tells me we don't know the whole Gretchen story...Yuck Slade!!


    Both gretchen and Slade are pretty bad. She lies about the couple mil from her x, uses Slade to help paint her now as a non gold-digger and to help her and be uses her for money and fame.


    Gretchen, come on. Really? What are you doing? He announced on stage that he was a "user"! Girl, wake up! Move forward. The girl friends are way more important that the Boy friends! I hate to see you so vulnerable.


    Slade is SO LAME. If you're going to trash people and call it comedy, then it damn sure better be funny. FAIL Slade. Gretchen, get out girl! You can do SO much better. Seriously.


    Good grief! Not only is Slade a user and a loser but he is also a really BAD comedian. I don't even know the guy but I felt embarrassed for him. And he sidestepped all of Gretchen's questions by the show-stopper: I'm just reporting the news!
    If he cared $1.00 for Gretchen he would have dropped the "gig" or changed his material. And if she 1 ounce of self-respect she would not have supported him and his goofy show.
    Gotta say though... Vickie is really annoying and self-righteous. Full tank or empty tank, she strikes me as a desparately unhappy woman.


    good lord Gretchen, dump Slade as you can do better.. He is a loser..Can't see why the women have to lie, and why can't you all be friends and not dish each other.. There are some fakes in your group, but if you continue to socialize with them, Shame on You. Vicki has a good husband, but does not treat him as an equal, worka all the time, but now she can go back and forth to bop the southern guy who seems to have a bum rap hanging over his head.. Oh good lord, wonder why we watch these shows.. For me, its a lesson on how not to act... Watch out Vicki, Don will find a better women and you will be left in the cold.. Just you and your money

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