The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Recap, Part III: Dana, Kim and the House Husbands

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion show finally concluded Monday night with visits from Dana Wilkey, Kim Richards and the house husbands.

If you missed the previous two reunion shows (yes, it's a three-part affair) and all the drama therein, follow these links for recaps of Part I and Part II.

Then, join us as we recap the nude photos, conspiracy theories, and alcohol abuse right here in THG's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills +/- review ...

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Cast

What does Taylor say would give her great solace? The possibility that her husband was murdered. What?!? Minus 20. Okay, she doesn't come out and actually say the words but that's what she's implying.

Then she regales us with tales of Russell. Every week her stories become more horrific. This time she tells of Russell secretly recording her and forcing her to take a polygraph test to prove she wasn't cheating on him.

Then there's a story about Russell assaulting both Taylor and her friends and trying to drown Taylor in the pool but she somehow convinced her friends not to press charges. Some friends. Minus 15.

Brandi voices that these stories don't make sense to her and Camille agrees that the stories are simply horrifying.

So is Taylor telling the whole truth and she was just too terrified to leave or are we missing Russell's side of the story. I suppose we'll never really know.

Moving on from the appalling to the laughable, Dana makes an appearance. Minus 10. Dana's always annoyed me and what's up with the whole Dana / Pam thing? Which is it?

Classy as ever, Dana wears heels that say "F**k You" and give the finger with a diamond on it. She thinks they're hot. Minus 12. Money can't buy good taste.
Dana Wilkey Image

Thankfully Dana gives us some insights into her obsession with money. She grew up poor until her mom died when she was 15 and was shipped off to her dad and abruptly thrown into one of the richest schools in the country.

Suddenly Dana's behavior starts to make some sense. Plus 9.

Of course her wannabe behavior is simply unattractive no matter what the reason.

On to the hunkiest house husbands in all of Beverly Hills, at least according to Andy. Ken, Mauricio, and Paul all take a seat on the couch. 

We rehash Ken's issues with seeing a therapist. He says his views haven't changed but he has made amends with Taylor and Kyle. He meant no offense but he simply prefers to talk out his issues with his wife instead of a therapist. Hey, he's British. Plus 5.

Then we have the comparison photos of Mauricio and Paul. Yes, Mauricio is hot but Paul is funny and he's a surgeon. Plus 10 to both of them as they seem like good guys. Although Mauricio says he's stopped receiving nude photos from fans.

Maybe Kyle's blocking his mail.

Mauricio and Paul

Finally we end it all with Kim's interview. She admits that she's an alcoholic who also takes prescription medication for severe anxiety and panic disorder. I think she looks a little drugged during this interview but perhaps that's just Kim.

This is Kim's third stint in rehab and this time her daughter staged an intervention to get her there. At least Kim really seems to be trying so Plus 12 for that.

When they show clips of Kim from the start of the season you can see that she appears sober. Then we see her spiral out of control to the mess she was at the end and it's all extremely sad to watch.

Plus 15 because she left Ken and thank goodness she was never pregnant. 

I must admit that by the end of the interview I was happy to be done with both Kim and Kyle Richards. These sisters share too much drama and a little goes a long way. I can only imagine what next season will bring.



Tayliar's recent story of super martial artist Russell aka Chuck Norris, single handedly taking down a family and dog, throwing them all into the pool and almost drowning Taylor by holding her head down in the pool borders or the "Theatre of the Absurd". I believe that Tayliar has lied and changed stories so much in the past with her all her alias, face, past, storyline yet no one from the past has ever come forward to verify any of these outrageous stories. I believe that Tayliar's is truly a pathelogical liar and believes her own made up stories. I also think the bottom line is to get out of her co ownership of the con games she and Russell may have scammed people out of money. Where did all the money come from to cover the expensive birthday parties, clothes etc. especially if they were bankrupt. Bravo needs to do a better job screening who they put on tv, they may be held liable as well. Tayliar is one scary dude.


I thought it was so obvious that Kim was high on something (pills, in my opinion) during part 3 of the reunion that I had trouble even watching it. I don't know if Andy and Kyle are blind or just decided to overlook it, but it was ridiculous. She may be an alcoholic, but she;s got an even bigger problem with prescription meds, I believe.


I agree that Kim was high on something during her interview. I am really disappointed that Andy Cohen didn't confront her on this. I agree with the poster that this is offensive to anyone who has truly made the committment to get sober. Bravo, get some balls and confront the liars. For the next season get rid of Taylor and Kim. Bring Brandi into the forefront, she no longer needs to be a co-star. She is the only real one. Lisa is so real in her so over the top lifestyle and doesn't apologize for it. Let's bring the funny back into RHOBH. Camille also was better this season. As far as Adrienne goes, she confuses me. She needs to tone down the hair and make-up. I was confused in the reunion as she seems to have turned on Brandi. During the season she defended her for being real and saying what was on her mind and then turned on her for the same thing. What up Adrienne?


I found it so hard to believe that Taylor did not leave the abuse because her excuse was depending on Russell financially to take care of her and Kennedy. If the abuse is that bad, its called getting a job and working for a living like the majority of Americans that have to pay their bills and support themselves. It's also called not spending like a maniac with other people's money or money you do not have. Taylor would rather live and expose her daughter in harms way than leave and get a job or stay with one of her rich friends? I am beginning to believe the abuse was both ways and after watching Taylor's agressive ways and big screaming mouth, she probably did more of the abusing. Taylor outconned Russell to his end. It's time for Bravo to dump crazy Shana/Taylor.


did anyone else hear taylor say that the people investagating russells death wanted to interview her (concerning maybe his murder) and she would talk to them? why hasnt she talked to them? she has written a book and done so many interviews, wouldnt you think that if she thought it was murder she would have talked with them by now? still dont see how a book by aperson who stayed with him and in contact with him, until his death would help a woman in abusive situation. still think she only left because bravo was going to terminate her contract, if she stayed with him. none of her stories add up. she will cry but never has tears.


I loved watching Brandi, Camille and Lisa this season. Without them the show was a endless torture of having to watch Taylor--drunk & acting out, drunk & crying, drunk & screaming, drunk & aggressively attacking. And all the while nasty Kyle held her hand and of course, cried for the camera. Why does Bravo think we want to watch this? Brandi was funny, authentic and fresh. Camille was gracious, sweet and funny. I'd rather see her new boyfriend without his shirt on. He's a much better looking version of Mauricio. And Lisa is always making fun of everyone including herself. It was great watching these three women be real friends with each other. It was the antidote to the Taylor/Kyle poison.


I remember when poor Taylor was so tearfully emotional at Lisa's tea party saying "if you can't be my friend then please don't be my enemy...". Then we see her ten minutes later hanging out by the gate laughing with Dr. Paul laughing, telling him about it coldly and casually. She is a baaad actress. On Reunion 3 I watched how she hung her head, avoided eye contact and told Andy that Russell almost "drownded" her (after getting her story mixed up about who he threw into the pool first). This is an grown ass articulate woman who was trying to sound like a victimized little girl so that she could put the story over on us. Taylor is creepy to watch. She's so used to living under invented identities and false pretenses that it's a way of life/survival to her. She married Russell when she was 4 or 5 months pregnant - she trapped him that way. She's a player, and a manipulator and I for one don't want to see any more of her "storyline"..


Kim still looks and sounds like she is on drugs and for her to say she is just a alcoholic is crap. That is not the way to sobriety I have no respect for a liar.


Taylor's pool story has no ring of truth.... EXACTLY, because nothing that comes out of this gal's mouth rings true!
She's a lunatic with these stories.
If Bravo returns her, I'm OUT!!!
This once fun and light show where we got a glimpse into the glitz/glamor of BH's was totally ruined by Taylor Sarah Hughes Ford Armstrong!!! She'll be sued, Bravo will get sucked in and THEN, they'll boot her. Get a job Taylor, behave and stop pushing the book that nobody can believe you wrote (or had ghost written) and just be a Mother for God's sake! NO MORE TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!


Taylor's outrageous story about Russell hiding in bushes and single handedly with kung fu fighting while holding Taylor's head underwater and throwing a whole family and a dog in a pool is truly unbelievable. Additionally,the husband of friend was assaulted so bad that an ambulance had to be called. However, no one called police, this story is so ridiculous and if Shana thinks people are really going to believe it, she needs to check herself into a mental ward. Everytime Taylor opens her mouth the stories get taller and taller and I think its for the sympathy/victim effect. Taylor's a disgrace and her 15 minutes are up.

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